B&B Monday Update 10/28/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/28/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam explains to a lawyer what is going on with Bill. The lawyer then divulges that Steffy is no longer married to him. Liam is somewhat speechless. The lawyer is sorry for what happened. Liam explains that he needs to go see Hope.

Hope gets her workers to get her line working. Wyatt walks in and asks what's going on. The two discuss that Rick and Caroline are now engaged. Hope and Wyatt kiss. Quinn runs in explaining that she and Wyatt need to talk about business.

Rick and Caroline wait outside and Rick goes back to get his phone. Caroline daydreams about her proposal again.

Brooke and Eric speculate about what Rick wanted to talk about. Brooke wonders if it has anything to do with Caroline. Rick would not be surprised. Rick and Caroline walk in and explain that Caroline accepted his marriage proposal. Brooke is very happy for them. Eric believes this is all Brooke's doing. Eric asks if Caroline is pregnant.

Quinn wants to know why Wyatt did not take Quinn's calls. Quinn explains that Liam knows Quinn sent the video.

Liam walks into Hope's office and explains he has news. He shows Hope the papers and it says that they could officially get married, but he knows that he can't just do that. He, however, does know that Wyatt and Quinn are the reason that the video was sent. Hope does not say anything.

Rick says they are not pregnant but maybe someday soon. Caroline is very happy with everything. She wants to livestream the honeymoon. Caroline asks if Bill is around. Brooke says that Rick just left. Caroline hints that she wants a wedding gown and Eric says he will do it. Caroline thanks him, and they all hug.

Wyatt asks what the facts are. Quinn says that he found out from computer hacking. She did not lie and explained that Liam did not deserve Hope.

Hope is trying to make sense of all this. Liam explains that Quinn did not even show remorse for what she did. Liam is happy that they have proof now. Hope wants to know if Wyatt did anything. Liam says that Quinn denies he did but that it is obvious he did. Liam believes this is enough to prove every one else but him wrong.

Caroline and Rick kiss on the balcony at Forrester and someone congratulates them on the engagement.

Brooke thinks about what Hope told her about Bill. Eric is proud of Rick. Eric knows that something is wrong with Brooke. He is worried about her. Brooke is living with Bill, and Katie is upset and she never meant for it to happen. Eric knows that Brooke loves her sister, and she did not mean to do it. She is disappointed with herself but will not change her feelings towards Bill. She wonders what that says about her.

Wyatt does not care about Liam. Wyatt knows though that if Liam is able to convince Hope, then what will that mean for him?

Liam does not think that Wyatt is a good person and not who Hope wants him to be. Liam believes there is something wrong with Hope. Liam will not let what Wyatt's mother did come between them. Liam does not think anything is standing in their way. Liam hopes that Hope still wants to marry him. Hope needs to speak to Wyatt. Liam kisses Hope's hand and she walks out.

Caroline laughs because people are staring. Caroline wonders if they should make a formal announcement.

Liam thinks about Hope.

Quinn tells Wyatt that Liam is going to turn around everything on Hope to make him sound like a bad person. Hope walks in and asks if Quinn sent in the video. Quinn says she did. Hope asks if Wyatt knew and wants the truth.

Eric asks where Bill is. Brooke explains that the he is with a trainer for free falling. Brooke explains Katie did not let things go well in the end of Bill's relationship. Brooke knows it was part of the depression. Brooke explains that even after the pills were given to her, it never ended. Brooke loves Bill and will for the rest of her life. Brooke has made a choice and she is sticking to it.

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