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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/25/13


Written By Rachna
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Bill tells Katie she agreed to share custody, but Katie tells him that she never agreed to these circumstances. Brooke says that Katie can't think Will would come to any harm at her place. Katie says she is not going to tell her son some day, that she dropped him off while his father was shacking up with his aunt. She says no, she is taking him home. Bill and Brooke do not look happy.

The karaoke continues and Hope and Wyatt are having a good time with their buyers. Hope is mistaken to be someone who sings but she clears that up. Amidst the conversation, Hope says something about not opening emails anymore when she's not sure who they are from. Wyatt looks a little nervous at that.

Pam asks Liam what Quinn would want with a video he made for Steffy. Liam says he doesn't know and wonders if Wyatt just used his mom's email but Pam says she doesn't think so. Liam thinks for a long moment before suddenly telling Pam to type something on the computer.

Hope uses Wyatt's interest in her to make him sing. She tells him to do it for her and Wyatt shrieks that is so unfair. Hope just grins and says life isn't fair before giggling. Wyatt keeps saying no, he can't but Hope and the others continue pushing him to sing.

Liam discreetly asks Quinn if she ever shares her e-mail with anyone. When Quinn says no, Liam smirks and says so it was she who sent Hope that video he made for Steffy. Quinn looks caught off guard.

Bill tells Katie she's not leaving with Will tonight, but Katie says she's sure he would love for Will to grow up in a home where everyone said “Whatever you want, Bill” and agree. She says that ship has sailed. Bill asks Brooke to take Will to the den while he talks to Katie. Bill tells Katie she promised him she'd never keep him from his son. Katie tells him that they all make promises they don't keep. He, for example, promised he that he'd never leave her, that he'd never love her sister and that he said she was unstable when she accused him of wanting Brooke before. Bill says that they are over and no one is going to come and patch them up. He says what they need to focus on is Will and his well-being. Katie says she agrees and that is why she is never going to let Will in this home again. Bill looks upset.

Wyatt is thrust on the stage and forced to sing. Wyatt mumbles "Oh man," before giving in. He says if he sings awful and they all hate it, then it's Hope's fault, because she's the reason why he's doing this. He adds in she's the reason why he does most things nowadays making Hope smile. Wyatt sings "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye and impresses the crowd and Hope despite hitting some off notes. It is clear by the look on Hope's face that she is happy he did this for her.

Liam tells Quinn that he can prove she did it. Liam asks what her and her son's problem is with him and if they just want to knock him down his pedestal. Quinn tells him she doesn't care that he found it and neither will Hope because she doesn't care who sent the video, what she cares about is that he made it and didn't want her to see it. Liam looks angered and frustrated at Quinn's words. Bill says that they have to think this through but Katie says that they can't because this is about morality which is something he and Brooke simply don't understand. Katie says this is not negotiable. She says she has a responsibility to raise her son with decency which he won't get here.

Bill tries to blame Katie but she shuts him down by saying she will drag him to court. Bill accuses her of trying to break Brooke and him up and says it won't work but Katie says she doesn't care about his so-called love for Brooke. She tells Brooke she could end this discussion about Will right now if she wanted. Brooke says how and Katie tells her to tell Bill to move out and then he can see his son all he wants. Brooke looks at Katie sternly not looking ready to let Bill go.

Liam says he wasn't hiding anything and honestly he didn't even think he did something wrong. Quinn says well Hope did and that is why she ended it with him. Liam says people have been trying to break Hope and him up for years and that she and Wyatt are just the most recent people on that list. Quinn disagrees and says that he made that video and this is his issue to deal with before walking off leaving Liam frustrated. The buyers leave and Hope jokes with Wyatt about his singing, calling him an international rock star. Wyatt says well he's not quitting his day job at least not as long as that job is with her. Hope looks touched.

Brooke says that Bill is free to stay or go, whatever he thinks is best. Katie laughs and says that she bets Bill loves that answer. Turning to Brooke she says deciding by not deciding is her special talent. She tells Bill to move out and see Brooke all he wants when he's not with Will. Bill says that's inconvenient for him, but Katie says divorce should be just as inconvenient for him as it is for Will. Bill tells Katie that his future is with Brooke permanently and there isn't anything she can do about that. Brooke tells Katie that if she turns on her, then what will that do to the Logan family. Katie turns to Brooke looking furious at her request for her to just be her sister again and care for the Logan family after she stole her husband from her and didn't care herself.

Liam tells Pam that he has to believe when Hope learns the truth about how she got the video then everything will change. Wyatt and Hope talk about how wonderful their night was. Wyatt again speaks of how good they are together and Hope asks him to just be a little patient with her. Wyatt says if being this close to her like this and having fun is being patient then he can be patient. Hope smiles at Wyatt. Wyatt wonders if he's pushing her again but Hope tells him she likes that she never has to wonder what he's thinking or if he's hiding something from her.

Katie tells Brooke that yes, she does miss them and how happy they used to be when Storm and their mother was around. She says but after they left, she guesses there just wasn't enough happiness to go around, because she set her sights on hers. She says and she doesn't know how to be her family after that, after what she did and says she doesn't even know how to want to. Turning back to Bill, Katie demands for him to bring him her son now, saying she doesn't have time for this. Katie realizes Bill is going to go rock-climbing is Aspen and tells him that she doesn't want her son to grow up without his dad. Bill doesn't care for her concern and tells her he doesn't live in fear and that is not going to happen. He tells her he'll get Will for her, and she can take him home tonight, but this conversation is not over. When he leaves, Katie asks Brooke to please try and talk Bill out of going to Aspen. Brooke doesn't help and just says Bill does what he wants and doesn't need permission. Katie glares at Brooke before Bill comes back with her son. She warns him again not to do this, because she has a bad feeling. Bill looks like he doesn't care about her warning.

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