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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/24/13


Written By Rachna
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Brooke insists Bill talk to Katie so that he can have more time with his son. She says Katie is so busy working anyway she doesn’t have any reason to object. Katie is busy at work so her secretary suggests that she ask Bill to keep Will longer. Katie says no and when the secretary leaves she says to herself that Bill made his choice. She says he wants to be with Brooke fine, but she’s not leaving her son anywhere near a dysfunctional woman like Brooke than absolutely necessary.

Pam tells Hope and Wyatt that they need to entertain their buyers. Wyatt jokes that he can juggle and puts on a failed performance for Hope which makes her giggle. Liam is told by Pam that Hope and Wyatt are going out this evening to entertain some of their buyers. Liam says good because this will give him time to test out his theory. Pam asks what theory and Liam asks her if she can keep a secret.

Liam tells Pam about the video that he believes Wyatt sent Hope because he had the most to gain from doing that. Pam says oh and Liam says he knows it was Wyatt and he’s going to get the proof to prove that to her. Liam looks determined as he works on Hope’s computer.

Hope and Wyatt contend with the buyers as they give them ideas as to where to go tonight. The buyers suggest the beach while one buyer says they want to be able to have karaoke. Wyatt says he knows of a place in Malibu and says karaoke it is then. Hope looks at Liam in excitement.

Katie phones Bill to tell him her assistant will be there to pick up Will. Bill suggests Will spend the night at Brooke's and his place, but Katie firmly tells him that she is not comfortable with that. Bill says he thought they were making some progress as parents today, then says he’s not giving his son to her assistant. Katie tells him to be reasonable, but Bill rudely tells her to send whoever she wants, his son is staying with him the night. Katie looks angry on the other end while Bill and Brooke hold Will in their arms.

Wyatt talks to the bartender who asks him if he’s still torn up over Hope. Wyatt says no because Hope came with him tonight and tonight is a celebration of sorts for them. The karaoke begins at Malibu and everyone is excited as they clap and cheer while Wyatt exchanges a smile with Hope.

Liam insists again to Pam that it had to be Wyatt that sent his Steffy video to Hope. Pam asks him if he talked to him about it. Liam says no but Hope’s seeing that video stopped her from marrying him so Wyatt had to be the one who sent it to her. Pam asks him what he’s doing right now then and Liam tells her that Wyatt was at Forrester the night Hope got that email and since he uses this office and computer the most, it shouldn’t be too hard for him to be able to track if the email was sent from this computer or not. Pam nods her head in understanding before saying that still doesn’t really prove that it was Wyatt. Liam smiles sneakily and says she forgets that he used to do this for a living before because he was an IT man. He says he will get to the bottom of this. Pam says she’s going to go get some lemon bars and says between the two of them, they will solve this tonight.  Liam smiles and gets to work.

Bill tells Brooke that he’s not just going to hand over his son. Brooke agrees with everything Bill says, telling him he is right for thinking he should get time with his son and that Katie is being strange for asking him to hand Will to her assistant. Bill says Katie is just being Katie, always saying no and Brooke agrees once more telling him he is right about her sister being like that. Bill gets a call from work from one of his partners who is not happy with Katie leading the company. Bill enjoys the ego boost as he hears complaints about Katie’s incompetence before he tells the man that he’ll soon be back in charge so just hang on. The doorbell rings as the phone call ends and Bill goes over to yell at the assistant only to find Katie. Bill tells Katie that he was just about to put Will to bed. Katie says she’s taking her son home, and if he tries to interfere, she will call the police. Bill does not look like he’s taking her seriously.

The buyers thank Hope and Wyatt for choosing this place for their night out. Hope turns to Wyatt and tells him that this is not how she expected this night to go. Wyatt says she’s having fun though and Hope agrees while taking his hand in hers. Pam asks Liam about the video. Hearing what it was about she says so Hope was just overreacting again. Liam says yes and no, he shouldn’t have made it in the first place and he especially shouldn’t have signed it off with “love Liam.” Pam says she can tell why Hope’s upset then and Liam nods. Suddenly Liam says he found proof that Wyatt did send it. Pam asks him what he found and Liam reveals that the domain the email was sent from is “Quinn Artisan Jewelers.” Liam smirks because he knows he has Wyatt now.

Katie tells Bill that he will not keep her from her son. Brooke tries to take Bill’s side and lecture Katie about how she’s being unfair to which Katie firmly tells her to stay out of this because it is none of her business whatsoever. Bill tries to insult Katie by saying she chose to have to juggle work and being a mom because she stole his company while Brooke tries to tell Katie that she’s being unfair to Will. Katie simply ignores them and tells Bill that her son will not sleep in Brooke’s house while he is sleeping with Brooke. Bill doesn’t look happy to hear that.

Liam tries to solidify Wyatt's guilt and is stunned when he realizes it wasn’t Wyatt but his mother that sent Hope the video. Hope and Wyatt share a kiss at the Malibu beach club while Hope thanks Wyatt for coming up with this idea.

Bill and Katie argue over Will and Bill eventually orders Katie to accept that Brooke will have a part in raising Will. He also says that if some nights Katie is working late, then Will will stay with him and Brooke. When Katie says that is out of the question, Bill growls that Will is staying here tonight no matter what. Katie looks like she’s about to erupt as she tells Bill that she’s taking her son home, and she would like to see him stop her from doing that.

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