B&B Wednesday Update 10/23/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/23/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope knows that Brooke does not feel good about what is going on and will not be happy until Katie takes Bill back. Brooke does not want to agree. Hope believes that everything that is going on is wrong.

Justin runs into Bill at the office and wants to know when he is coming back, because a bunch of people are upset. Bill is going to take Will out to lunch but explains everything will be ok.

Liam goes to a bar and the bartender recognizes the name. Oliver runs into Liam and does not want to talk about Wyatt.

Hope does not want to live with Brooke. Brooke tells Hope not to leave because she needs her love and advice and support especially right now.

Liam gets his lemonade and Oliver gets a beer. Liam asks about the diamond. Oliver says that he took a few pictures of it. He thinks that it is great that Wyatt and Hope were able to get the diamond.

Wyatt cannot believe how well the sales are going. He knows it is all because of Hope.

Hope will stay but tells Brooke to let her brain be in control and not her heart. She hopes that Brooke can learn. Hope tells Brooke she loves her and goes out the back as Bill comes in with Will. Bill knows that Brooke has been talking to Hope.

Oliver asks what happened with Hope. Liam knows that Wyatt does not love Hope. Oliver does not agree with that. Liam tells the story of how Hope got the video of the Steffy tribute and it was made rather recently. Liam knows that it was not Steffy and he thought it was a good idea at the time.

Wyatt makes some deals on the phone and Hope comes in and Wyatt wonders if she has been to the store today. Wyatt explains that the store is selling like crazy. Wyatt asks how Hope's day has been. Hope says it is better now that she is here.

Bill and Brooke play with Will. Bill tells Will that one day the three of them will go rock climbing. Brooke is not sure if they should go to Aspen. Bill does not agree with that and believes they will regret it.

Liam believes he is still in the game. He does know that Wyatt is smooth but he will not give him Hope. Oliver thinks it is time that Liam just cut the chord. Oliver knows from experience.

Hope is happy that the outfits are selling so much. Wyatt does not think it is the diamond selling but Hope, Caroline, and Rick. Hope tells him that it also is Wyatt and it is because of him and the diamond as well. Wyatt tells her that Quinn helped too. Hope wonders if she can still live with Brooke.

Bill does not think he is the first person to get remarried. Brooke thinks that it is normal to marry your sisters ex husband. Bill wishes he could have stayed together with Katie forever but things happen. Bill thinks mistakes can be corrected. Brooke asks if she seduced him. Bill does not think so at all. Bill knows that Katie is the reason they are together. Bill needs the relationship to stay. They will climb the mountain. Bill knows that they are one and Hope cannot control her. Brooke does not think Hope is doing that. Storm shot himself to give Katie a life and now what kind of a life is Brooke giving Katie.

Liam tells the bartender he does not want another lemonade. He thinks about all the times he has spent with Hope.

Wyatt asks if something is going on with Brooke and her. Hope says she is coping. Wyatt feels the same way about the situation and Liam does not agree and believes Wyatt is lying. Hope does not think that the way that Brooke and Bill are acting is not thinking and using there heads. Wyatt believes that Hope is a good person and he loves that about her. Wyatt kisses Hope and she kisses back. The two smile.

Bill does not think that him getting back together with Katie is not an option. Brooke does not think it has to be. Bill believes that it does. Bill gave Katie every chance but Katie kept insisting that Brooke and him get together. Bill has known that he loved Brooke since Big Bear. Bill knows his marriage is over. Bill loves Brooke and he knows she feels the same way. He does not believe they should deny anything. Brooke does not want anything more than to be with Bill. She wants to grow old with him. She will be his wife. The two kiss passionately.

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