B&B Tuesday Update 10/22/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/22/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope, Brooke, and Bill eat in silence. Bill offers something to Hope and she says thank you. Hope wonders what is wrong. Bill is still shocked that Hope took off Liam's ring. Hope cannot believe that Bill is not happy. Bill knows he got off to a bad start with Hope but now that they are going to be family. Hope stops him when he says this.

Katie tells her assistant that she has to change her schedule around because Bill is coming by to see his son.

Wyatt gets a call from Eric and it turns out that people are already lined up again. An employee congratulates Wyatt. Liam walks in and says that Wyatt is riding high. Wyatt knows that Liam does not mean that. Liam says he is waiting to watch Wyatt fall. Wyatt tells Liam that he has no interest in failing right now. Wyatt knows that he is an asset. Wyatt knows he and Hope make a good team and everyone knows it including Hope.

Hope cannot believe that Bill and Brooke have talked about marriage. Hope is still getting used to them living together. Bill believes that in time everyone will get used to it. Bill has to go to a meeting. Brooke knows what Hope is going to say. Hope just believes that this is wrong and she knows that they will end up doing whatever it is they are going to do.

Wyatt tells Liam that Hope and him are in a partnership and he is going to do everything to show Hope that he is there for her. Wyatt was willing to back off from Hope until the video happened. He didn't send the video and its not going to mater either way because it is Liam's fault. He cannot believe that Liam would call him arrogant seeing Liam wants her when ever it is convenient. Liam believes Hope belongs to him.

Bill comes to see Will and cannot believe how big he is getting. Bill knows that he has not been around a lot. Bill takes Will and puts him in his arm.

Hope does not like living with Bill. Brooke wants Hope to start over with Bill. Hope has had to much of a past with him to do anything. Hope still cannot believe that Brooke chose Bill over Katie. She understands this is exciting but what if it does not last. Will it be worth loosing Katie. She believes men come and go but family is forever. Hope reminds Brooke that for her to loose her sister that she might be losing everything she has ever had. Brooke has a flashback to Katie's wedding and then to when she had her surgery.

Bill tells Katie that he was in a little bit of a mood during the board meeting. He explains that he owes her an apology. Katie is shocked. Bill is not sorry for what he said but for how he said it. He knows that he should not had done it because it was not appropriate. Katie accepts the apology. Bill does not want them to forget why they got together in the first place. He will always care about her.

Brooke wants to know if Hope has any regrets with Liam. Hope has none because she cannot go down the same road again. Brooke is proud of her for being able to let go of a man she loves. Brooke wonders about Wyatt. Hope does like him and it is hard to resist but she does not know though what she wants to do with him.

Wyatt tells Liam that she is going to let Hope be the one to tell her to back off. Liam wants to know what Hope is going through right now. Wyatt explains that Hope is annoyed with Bill and Brooke. Wyatt does not want Will to not grow up with out a father. Liam cannot believe he is bringing this up. Wyatt reminds Liam that he is not Hope's fiancÚ. Wyatt asks what Liam thinks about the Bill and Brooke relationship. Liam does not have an opinion. Liam explains it is better not to get involved. Wyatt cannot believe that Liam is saying that. Wyatt believes that Bill did not even try to work things out with Katie and Will would lose his aunt as well. Wyatt wants Hope to have a man who only wants her.

Bill plays with Will. Katie thanks Bill for saying sorry. It means a lot to her and she does not want things to be bad between them. Bill wonders if she has any regrets about having a child with him. Katie has none. Katie hugs Will.

Brooke pours some milk in her tea. Hope needs Brooke to hear what she is saying. She explains that Bill is living with her and it is because she followed her heart into another emotional disaster. She believes Brooke needs to listen to her conscience and listen to what it is telling her.

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