B&B Monday Update 10/21/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/21/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope tells Liam that she still has issues with everything. Liam asks about what makes her happier earning the ring or taking it off. Liam believes that taking it off just makes things worse and he does not want that to happen again.

Maya believes that she should leave and what she had to say does not mater now that Rick and Caroline are engaged.

Katie looks out her window.

Brooke thinks about when Katie had her surgery. Bill walks up to Brooke and asks where Brooke was. Bill wants to know if Brooke was thinking about Katie again.

Katie picks up her phone and tells someone that they have to deal with an account. Katie looks at an airplane and puts papers in a brief case. Donna walks in and asks what happened at the board meeting. Katie says that Bill had an issue and asks if Brooke has said anything. Donna explains that they have kept to themselves.

Bill and Brooke kiss passionately.

Maya is very happy that everything is going so well for Rick and Caroline. Rick feels the same about her and Carter. Caroline is so happy that everyone is happy.

Hope does not want to jump into another wedding. Liam does not believe that is the case. Liam knows that he can prove that the only woman in his future is Hope if she wears his ring.

Donna tells Katie that no one has seen Brooke lately. She thinks that Brooke and Bill have been hiding at her house.

Brooke and Bill sit on the couch and Brooke wants to go out. Bill agrees. Bill wonders if Brooke is feeling a bit stir crazy though. Brooke would like some a lone time. Bill decides they are going to go to a nice restaurant and nothing bad is going to happen. Brooke does not want to do anything that will hurt the children or Katie.

Hope knows that Liam wants to prove himself. Hope does not need proof she wants certainty. She needs it to come from her. She needs to feel it and she does not right now. She pushes the ring back in Liam's direction and says no she cannot wear the ring. Liam walks out of the store without saying anything. Hope looks at Wyatt and then turns back.

Maya decides to leave. She congratulates them again. Caroline thanks her and Rick says it means a lot. Maya says good bye to Rick and she leaves. Outside Maya cries. Inside Caroline thought it was awkward but she felt it was very classy of her to congratulate them even if that is not what she was trying to do. Caroline does not believe anyone could be as happy as the two of them are right now. Caroline wants a blogger and she is going to design the bridesmaids outfits but Eric can design the gown. Caroline believes that their relationship is here now and she will not stop and savor it. She is ready for an exciting life. The two kiss passionately.

Wyatt feels like he should say something. Hope asks him not to. Wyatt actually does not know what to say. Hope wishes she didn't. Hope does not want to have to go back home where Brooke is with Bill. Wyatt says he can come stay with him. Hope says she will see him tomorrow.


Katie cannot believe that Brooke and Bill are just sort of living together. Donna believes that the two of them have convinced each other that what they have is real. Katie cannot understand this.

Brooke will not let this hurt anyone. She wants the press interested in Hope for the Future and Quinn Jewels. Brooke explains other than RJ all her children are all in the public. Bill is not married to Katie anymore and he will marry Brooke when the time is right. Bill does not believe that Brooke stole him from Katie. He does not want Brooke to feel like this is her fault.

Caroline is so happy that things turned out the way they did. Rick is happy that Caroline was able to win him over. Rick believes this is just the beginning. Rick did not see what was possible until Caroline was around. Rick needs Caroline around. Caroline explains that Rick can always depend on her. The two hug each other.

Katie wonders what Donna thinks is going on. Donna does not know what to say. She does not believe that Brooke would ever do anything to hurt her.

Hope walks in and the two ask how things went. Hope explained it went well and that she sent Brooke a text that she was coming home. She says that Liam showed up. Hope wonders how Bill and Brooke think what they are doing is ok or normal. Bill believes that it is. Brooke has Bill go up stairs. Brooke wants to know why Hope is so angry. Hope says that she is worried about Brooke. She cannot believe that Brooke is ok with all of this. She does not believe that this is ok for her. She cannot believe that she would let Katie be isolated from her. She knows that Brooke is better than this.

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