B&B Friday Update 10/18/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/18/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline tells Rick that she canít believe they are getting married to which he says she canít take her yes back now. Caroline laughs and they start talking about wedding plans. Caroline says her wedding dress will be to die for and Rick suggests different locations they could get married at. Rick asks Caroline if she knows how happy he is and Caroline says she thinks she does before they kiss passionately. 

Feeling bad to see Maya still waiting for Rick to arrive, Wyatt finally tells Maya that Rick definitely isnít coming back today, because he commissioned a ring from them for Caroline for today. Maya looks shocked. Maya says so he made a ring but he doesnít know what it was for. Wyatt says heís already said more than he should have. There is an awkward silence after Hope tells Maya she has no idea where Rick and Caroline are right now and soon after Maya quietly leaves looking visibly upset.

Caroline jokes about how sheís going to have to gain some weight or her ring is going to make her topple over because itís so huge. She tells Rick that no one else that ever wanted to be with her ever knew her and she just knew they didnít or else that would be the end of her search. She says but she could never imagine that him breaking up with her was just the beginning for them. Rick kisses Caroline.

Hope continues to beam at the success of her showing. She tells Wyatt that this boutique has not had as big a day as today since itís opening and heís the reason. Wyatt says if heís the reason then sheís the reason making Hope laugh. Liam arrives and Hope asks him if he wants to see the diamond but Liam looks at her solemnly and says he thinks she knows what he wants. Hope stares back at him wordlessly.

Caroline and Rick talk in his car about how much they love each others personalities and how they balance and complete one another. Maya goes to Rickís house looking for him but soon realizes he isnít home. Sighing, Maya once again thinks about her moments with Rick and their memories. She finds the key to his place and goes in looking determined.

There is noticeable awkward silence in the boutique with Liam, Wyatt, and Hope. Both Wyatt and Liam watch Hope as she cleans up. Hope tells Liam sheís sorry they left her to clean up but she did tell them to. Liam asks what happens to the diamond now and Hope says it will go in the safe. She says they have round the clock security on it and says itís pretty overpowering. Liam says yes and says heís glad the event went well. Hope says sheís heard him be more sincere. Liam says it wasnít easy for him coming here and Hope says she can appreciate that. Liam asks for a moment alone and Wyatt leaves. When heís gone Liam asks Hope how many chances she thinks they still have to be together. He says they have to have at least one left. Hope looks at him quietly.

Rick suggests to Caroline that maybe they should go to his friendís ranch but Caroline says she thinks they should just go home. Rick agrees and asks the driver to drive them back to his home. Caroline cuddles against Rickís shoulder as the car switches destinations. In Rickís home, Maya waits for Rick while in denial about Rick and Carolineís relationship status. She tells herself that a ring could mean anything before thinking of Rick and her memories while they made love. She says Rick has to know.

Liam tells Hope he has been thinking a lot about them. Liam says he thinks when you love someone then everything that they do becomes a sign for you to read. He says itís like when youíre a kid and you start to learn that the same word can have two different meanings. Liam says it is possible for them to read each other wrong and they have done it before and it has been disastrous. Hope agrees to that and Liam says and now itís happening again. He tries to explain to hope that he didnít mean anything by sending Steffy that video. Hope says sheís still hurt and says that Steffy seems to have a power of him that she will never have. Liam disagrees but Hope says she does and she can use it whenever she wants. Hope says she loves him but itís like heís asking her to lay down on a railroad track asking her to trust him and she sees the train coming while he doesnít. Hope turns away from him and Liam looks completely heartbroken.

Rick and Caroline arrive at his home. Rick carries Caroline inside smiling and the pair is startled to find Maya inside. Maya says she didnít mean to startle them. She says she needs to talk to Rick, who asks if it can wait until tomorrow. Maya sees the ring on Carolineís finger and looks as if sheís going to cry.

Liam tells Hope that he can tell sheís scared and he gets that but sheís also letting the past take them hostage. Liam says this is not then, this is a day that they have never lived before and while it is true that Steffy may always be something to him she will never be his wife again. Hope says the problem is the past isnít the past if it keeps repeating itself. Liam tells her that this is not the same thing and that they always got through everything no matter how much others mislead and lied to them. He says they got through all that together and now the only thing keeping them apart is their own lack of faith. Liam says everything that they have ever wanted is here, it is here and now they just have to choose it, they just have to take it. Liam holds out Hopeís ring to her and tells her it is hers. He points to his heart and says it is hers too, she only has to claim it. Hope starts to cry while she looks into Liamís eyes with uncertainty.

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