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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/17/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Rick tells Caroline that he's taking her to some place that is very important to them. Caroline becomes even more curious when he says it's even better than Paris.

Maya asks Hope if she knows when Rick will be back. Hope tells her he's gone somewhere with Caroline but should be back. Hope tells Maya that she misses her working at Forrester since she was such a big part of the Hope For The Future line. Maya tells her she misses it to before Hope has to leave to take care of some business. When Hope leaves, Maya thinks about her past at Forrester and her memories of Rick. When Maya is asked for her autograph by two women, Maya signs for them. They ask her if she's going to ever model at Forrester again because they miss her. Maya smiles and says she misses being a part of Forrester, too.

Hope is overjoyed with the success of her line. She tells Wyatt that they are running out of inventory and that he is a genius for coming up with the idea of using the Hope diamond. Wyatt jokingly says that if they are quiet, they can hear the sound of cash registers taking in money. Hope says sales are important to her but this success is a much bigger deal to her on a personal level. Wyatt smiles and says he was thinking the same thing. Dayzee drops by to say hi to Hope before Hope and Wyatt leave to deal with pictures for the line. Dayzee turns to Maya and asks where Rick is as this is his event and he should be here. Maya says she's wondering the same thing, because she can't imagine what would be more important than this.

When Rick tells the driver to go straight to Forrester Creations, Caroline asks Rick just what he's up to. Rick just looks at her with a sneaky smirk.

Wyatt congratulates Hope on a job well done but Hope says this was a team effort. She says he has to know how bad Hope For The Future was doing before she met him. She said she had only two options; let it go or take a chance and she took a chance and it worked. Wyatt says taking chances is a good thing because you never know how wonderful the outcome could be. Hope looks back at Wyatt knowing he talking about her taking a chance on him and leaving Liam behind.

Marcus shows Dayzee South Africa on her phone and they share a moment before Maya comes over to her, nervous about the fact that Rick is still not here. Dayzee asks Maya if she even knows what she's going to say to Rick, because she's engaged to Carter and could lose him. Sighing, Dayzee says that since she feels so strongly, she does have to talk to Rick. Maya agrees and says it's strange for her to be at Forrester, because this is where she learned Rick wasn't a waiter. She says it bothered her so much before but not anymore. She says the Forrester family is just such a special one and Dayzee says yes they are.

Before they reach the spot that Caroline first pulled up to in Los Angeles, Rick tells her he loves her and that he'd be a fool if he didn't making her smile from joy.

Wyatt makes a toast to their success and to the Hope diamond that led to their success today. Hope clinks glasses with him and they share a drink. Hope talks about the tremendous luck the diamond has brought them and muses about the stone's incredible power. Wyatt says and to think he gets to experience all of this with her . Leaning into her, Wyatt whispers that if all these people weren't here then he would kiss her right now. Hope looks at him and he says but he'll wait because she just broke off her engagement with Liam and it's been tough, He says but she will get through and he'll be right here when she does. Hope smiles at him.

Maya starts to feel guilt over wanting to be with Rick when she's in the middle of planning a wedding with Carter. She says Carter is a kind, sweet and wonderful man. Dayzee asks her if that's enough and Maya says she used to think so but now to be honest she doesn't think she'll ever get over Rick.

Rick tells Caroline that he remembers the first time he saw her getting out of her limousine. He says he was mesmerized. Caroline says it's sweet he remembers that. Rick tells Caroline he's going to get out of the car now but tells her to wait for ten seconds before she follows him. Caroline counts to ten and comes out. As she walks towards Rick she sees him get down on one knee and take out a ring. She starts to cry and smile in disbelief and Rick grins back at her.

Wyatt tells Hope that he doesn't think Rick is coming back today. Hope is surprised and asks him if he knows something that she doesn't know.

Maya and Dayzee continue talking about Rick. Maya says that Caroline is just a fling for Rick and that there is no way that he really has feelings for her. Dayzee says that she'll never know if she doesn't ask Rick. Maya says she's going to talk to him and just get everything she's feeling out there. Maya expresses concern over hurting Carter and Dayzee says that is unavoidable, but it's better he find out now than when they are married. Dayzee leaves to get her daughter and Maya thanks her for listening to her and being there for her. Hope goes over to Maya who immediately asks her if she's heard from her brother. Hope tells Maya that she doesn't think Rick is coming back today leaving her stunned.

Rick proposes to Caroline after telling her that she's the one he wants to be with and Caroline accepts right away. Rick puts the ring on her finger and they share a kiss.

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