B&B Wednesday Update 10/16/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/16/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick looks outside the store and cannot believe how many people are in the front. Eric asks if Hope is ok. Hope explains that the wedding is off. Rick tells them that Caroline told her. Hope says that Liam made a video about Steffy. Rick wants to know who did this but then explains he knows it was Steffy.

Quinn and Wyatt get the diamond and display it. Quinn tells the guard that he is to watch it like a hawk. Charlie the guard explains he can guarantee that it will remain secure. Wyatt and Quinn wonder what Hope is talking about. Wyatt thinks that they are talking about the video. Wyatt wonders if Quinn knows anything about the video. Quinn does not answer. Wyatt is shocked.

Hope and Eric hug. Eric tells Hope that if she is not up for this that the rest of them can handle this. Hope explains she is fine. Caroline goes to handle something with everyone. Rick remembers his time with Maya.

Maya opens the door and finds Dayzee. Dayzee wants to know how things are going between them. Maya explains that she is fine but that she does not want to feel what she is feeling. Maya likes Carter but she cannot stop thinking about Rick. Maya misses Rick. She misses everything at Forrester. She knows that she should be part of Hope for the Future. Dayzee asks if Maya is having second thoughts.

Caroline explains that this is going to go over well. Rick and Caroline kiss. Quinn believes they should go some where. Wyatt explains that he is not mad but she better not do anything like that again. Hope comes over and asks what is going on. Wyatt explains that they were talking about something else. Wyatt tells Hope they have a pretty big day a head.

Maya explains that since she came back from LA she has had a lot happen to her. She knows that Dayzee has been very kind to her. Maya fell for Rick and she fell in love with him. She does not know if she feels the same way for Carter. Maya does not know what it is but she wishes she was with him.

Eric asks if Rick is over Maya. Rick says that apparently Carter and Maya are getting married. Hope asks what is going on. Rick wants to know how Hope is doing. Hope says she is getting over it. Rick decides to give a speech explaining that everything is going to be successful. Rick opens the door. Tons of people walk in. Rick tells everyone to gather in. Rick thanks everyone for coming and introduces everyone to the press. Rick explains that Quinn, Wyatt, and Hope are the whole reason for bringing the rare diamond into the light for the first time. Hope reveals the diamond and everyone claps. Someone asks if it is for sale. Rick explains that it is on loan. A press person asks if Rick and Caroline plan to get married any time soon.

Dayzee asks Maya what she plans to do. Maya does not know. Maya believes that she does not have the right because she walked away from him. Dayzee thinks there is only one way to be for sure.

Someone asks Hope about her wedding and she notices that she is not wearing her wedding ring. Hope does not want to talk about it.

Rick and Eric think the press is trying to sniff out a good story. Eric believes that it is thanks to Caroline and Rick that the entire company is hot and young again. Eric is very proud of Rick.

Rick and Wyatt talk about the turn out. Rick wonders if Wyatt has something for him. Wyatt says yes and gives him a blue pouch.

Quinn thinks that this all has to do with talent. Eric thinks beauty as well.

Rick takes Caroline somewhere. A reporter would like to take pictures of Hope wearing the diamond. Wyatt puts it on and tells Hope to smile. The press takes pictures.

Maya shows up and runs into Eric. She hopes she is ok that she showed up. Eric misses her at Forrester. Maya asks if Rick will be around. She decides to wait.

Rick has the driver park in back and Caroline wants to know what he is up to. Caroline finds champagne. Caroline would like to know where they are going. Rick says that it is going to be a ride she will never forget. The two kiss passionately.

Hope is sorry that she has been so quiet. Wyatt understands what is going on and believes that Hope needs a man who can be hers. Wyatt knows he will win her over. Wyatt thinks that the sadness will be over soon. Wyatt knows that he is looking at the future with Hope. 

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