B&B Tuesday Update 10/15/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/15/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam begs Hope to put the ring back on. Hope explains that Liam has more than hurt her and that it is not about Wyatt. It is about Liam and Steffy still being part of each other's lives. Liam believes that it is not and that Hope should put the ring back on.

Brooke is interested in Bill's new hobby. Bill explains that it is both of theirs. The two kiss each other.

Rick cannot believe that Liam would make that video. Caroline thinks that Liam will learn. Caroline is happy that Rick is able to forgive his past easier than Liam is.

Maya and Carter are having lunch at the same place and Maya spots Rick kissing Caroline. Maya frowns.

Caroline does not want to go back to work. Rick says he has not even paid attention to the time. He believes he deserves a little time off to have lunch with a gorgeous woman.

Carter asks if Maya has decided. Maya says she is still looking. Carter says that he means the wedding date not what to order. Carter laughs thinking Maya has not been paying attention since they sat down.

Bill explains to Brooke that he has been climbing for years and that he had to give it up when he took over the company, because the board thought it was too dangerous. Brooke cannot believe that Bill wants her to mountain climb with him. Bill explains they are going to Aspen.

Liam says that Steffy asked for something to remember what they had. Liam believes that he has given Hope everything and more. He yells at her telling her that he deserves to be able to have a past and be able to remember. Hope is crying while Liam is yelling at her, because he is trying to make his point. Liam tells her to stop treating him like he has to be perfect. He hates that Hope keeps going to Wyatt everytime something happens. He demands that if Hope has an issue that she work it out with him. He yells this even louder and is furious. Liam tells her again that they should work it out together, otherwise Wyatt will be ready to take advantage. Wyatt explains that he did not take Hope, because she was not wearing the ring. Liam tells Hope to put the ring back on and for the two of them to walk out together.

Carter wants to talk about the wedding. He wonders if her family will want to be there. Maya explains that they will not care but the people who matter will be there. Carter says whatever she wants he will make it happen.

Rick and Caroline joke around about stuff. Caroline says they should extend store hours and Rick agrees. Caroline thanks Rick for forgiving her and explains she is a bit crazy. Rick says that all artists are crazy, but he would not change anything about her.

Bill shows Brooke pictures and cannot wait to get back to his passions. Brooke is happy that he is happy. Bill really wants to share the experience with the woman he loves. Brooke kisses Bill and smiles.

Wyatt tells Liam not to go all caveman with Hope. Wyatt thinks that Liam has treated Hope terribly. Liam thinks that he has treated Hope perfectly fine and all he did was give a gift to Steffy. Hope tells Liam that it is not ok. He should not be around. Liam thinks it is if he is committed. Hope explains that "if" is the problem. Hope does not want to deal with the stringing along and the fact that Liam cannot let Steffy go.

Carter thinks that a wedding on Halloween would be kind of cool because it is his favorite holiday. Carter notices that Maya is staring and asks if Carter planned on mentioning. Maya did not want it to bother him. Carter wants to get out of there.

Bill believes it will be amazing and that this is what he wants in a relationship. Bill explains that Katie is not like them. He has a woman who knows how to live. This is one of the many reasons he fell in love with her. Brooke cannot wait. The two kiss passionately again.

Liam says that Steffy is gone. Hope says physically. Liam says that it was about closure and nothing else. Hope says that it was a huge thing and wonders if Steffy will come back. Liam says that if she came back right now, it wouldn't matter. Hope thinks that Liam wants her to come back. Hope believes that Liam enjoys being a prize for the two women. Liam denies this and begs Hope to give him the ring. Liam tries to put the ring on Hope but she says no. Hope says whether it is Steffy or just memories, he is not able to let go. Hope thinks maybe one day he will be able to convince her but not now. She feels that there is nothing more to say and walks out alone. Liam calls after her and then looks at Wyatt and gets angry saying that this is his fault.

As Rick and Caroline eat dessert, he says that she is not sharing. Rick notices Maya and Carter. Maya says hello and Carter explains that they have to go plan the wedding. Caroline congratulates the two of them.

Carter asks Maya if she is ok. Maya says she is fine. Carter says he will go get the car.

Hope shows up at the house and asks what is going on. Brooke explains that the two of them plan on climbing a mountain. Hope says it is cool. Brooke asks if she is ok. Hope tells her she is not and that Liam found her with Wyatt. Bill notices the ring is gone. Hope says she gave it back. Brooke is sorry. Hope says it is what it has to be. Hope cannot be with a man who is not committed to only her and she has to wonder if he ever was.

Wyatt tells Liam that this is all Liam's fault. Liam wonders who the sender was. Wyatt tells Liam to take responsibility. Liam says that this all happened at Forrester, but Wyatt explains he did not do anything but it happened at the right time. He will treat Hope better than Liam. Liam believes that Wyatt is smug and a jerk to him. Liam refuses to let Wyatt get away with anything. Liam says he will not let her walk away with him. He will not allow it.

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