B&B Monday Update 10/14/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/14/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt kisses Hope and the two look at each other. Wyatt explains that there will never be another in his life; no Steffy, no one but Hope.

Liam wants to see Hope, but Brooke will not tell her. Brooke cannot believe that Liam would do what he did. Liam did not think that Hope would react the way that she did. Liam wants to know where she is.

Katie explains that this company needs leadership, and Bill was being a bully in her board meeting. Katie is not going to let Bill treat her with zero respect. She had no choice. Katie wonders if this is what she has to look forward to. She wants to know how it has come to this. Bill believes that Katie is going to bring the company down, and he does not want to see Katie go through that. Katie knows what she is doing; and what she does not know, she will learn quickly. Katie does want Bill and does need him. Bill knows she does. Bill does not think that Katie can do it. Katie is not going to give Bill back the company. Bill tells Katie good luck, because she is going to need it. Bill leaves.

Liam thinks that both of them are taking too much out of this. Liam explains that Steffy needed to have proof that his marriage to her was worth it. Liam knows that he and Hope still have a chance.

Wyatt thinks that it is so right for them to finally get to be together. Hope will start a new life with someone who loves only her.

Katie thanks Dani for bringing Will up. Dani thinks that Bill was bad during the meeting. Katie agrees. Dani believes she had the respect of the company. Katie is not sure. Katie cannot believe that this has all happened to her and Bill. She asked Bill but she knows who is to blame.

Brooke tells Liam to give Hope some space and let her choose who she wants to be with. Bill asks what Liam is doing. Liam explains that Brooke will not tell Liam where Hope is. Liam thinks he knows how Hope feels. Brooke decides to tell Liam that she is at the cabin.

Wyatt asks if Hope will always be there for him. Hope kisses Wyatt and hugs him. Wyatt tells Hope she is going to be ok. Hope says she is ok. The two continue to kiss passionately.

Liam wants to know what Brooke has to say. Brooke says Hope is with Wyatt. Liam cannot believe it and knows that Wyatt is the one who sent the video to Hope. Liam leaves. Bill tells Brooke they will be fine and Hope will choose. Bill thinks that Hope has something going for her seeing that Hope is Brooke's daughter. Brooke asks how the meeting went. Bill says Katie asked her to leave.

Katie guesses that this is her life now.

Brooke cannot believe that Katie would do that. Brooke asks what happened. Bill says he was being disrupted according to her. Bill says she wants to sell all his stuff and buy things that Katie believes are good. Bill does not want to talk about the company or Katie. Bill wants to talk about something different with Brooke. The two kiss passionately.

Hope and Liam continue to kiss and Hope says she has to stop. Hope says she has to talk to him. Wyatt tells Hope that she has heard it one to many times. The two start kissing again and Liam walks into the room. Hope notices and Wyatt turns around. Wyatt looks angered to see Liam and Liam looks furious.

Brooke asks what Bill has in store for her. Brooke says she could wait until tomorrow. Bill explains that he wants to do it tonight explaining that it is an event. Bill says he wanted to do this for a long time. Brooke wants to know if there are any hints. Bill says it is uplifting. Bill tells Brooke to close her eyes. Brooke closes them and Bill makes her hold a pillow to her eyes. Bill leaves the room.

Dani tells Katie that the entire company is behind her. Katie cannot believe that Bill did not ask how Will was doing or how anyone was doing. She asks what is going on with them. Katie knows how much she has lost.

Bill comes back in and explains that this is there new hobby. Brooke is shocked. Bill is holding mountain climbing supplies.

Liam tells Wyatt to leave. Wyatt does not want to. Hope tells them not to argue. Liam asks where Hope's ring is. Hope says she took it off. Liam cannot believe this. Hope says that he did something unforgivable. Liam says it is not his fault. Liam believes Wyatt sent the video. Hope does not care who sent it because the video was sent to her and she saw it. Liam refuses to let anyone get in between them.

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