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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/11/13


Written By Rachna
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Hope tells Brooke that she was up all night re-watching the video Liam made for Steffy. Brooke says she doesn’t think watching that over and over was a good idea. Hope says she was just trying to figure out if there is more to it than Liam told her. Hope says she thought she was finally done with Steffy in her life but for Liam maybe Steffy will always be a factor.

Katie tries to talk to Liam about how excited she is about her first board meeting as boss but she notices Liam isn’t listening. Knowing where his mind is, Katie says she heard Hope got upset because of some video that Liam made for Steffy. Liam sighs and says it was just a goodbye thing that Steffy asked him to do but Hope thinks it’s more than that. Katie says he has to understand where Hope is coming from and Liam agrees. He asks if he can skip the meeting to go talk to hope. Katie says okay and Liam asks her if Bill is going to be at the meeting. Katie says she guesses they are going to find out.

 Danielle talks to Justin about how it’s a new dawn at Spencer today but he says never to count Bill out even when it looks like he’s lost. Katie arrives and the meeting begins. Justin asks if they should wait for Bill and Katie asks what for and moves to start. Bill arrives right then and asks her if she was going to start without him. Katie doesn’t look happy to see him. Katie tells Bill she’s glad to see him nonetheless because he’s always contributed a lot to Spencer. Bill disagrees and says he’s done a lot more than contribute. He asks Katie to get out of his chair, but she says it’s taken and tells him to take another one. Bill says he’ll stand and Katie says fine before trying to start the meeting with Bill interrupting her to cut her off every few moments leaving her annoyed.

Brooke tells Hope to explore her options since Liam and her are at crossroads over the video right now. Hope knows Brooke is talking about Wyatt and she says she’s going to go down to the cabin and sort this out. Brooke hugs Hope and tells her she’s here for her if she needs it. Hope smiles and says she knows. Liam turns down Caroline's offer to have lunch together and tells her about how Hope walked out on him at Big Bear. He sighs and says he doesn’t even know where Hope and him stand anymore. Wyatt comes over to Brooke’s. He asks her what Liam did to Hope this time and asks where Hope is right now so he can try and fix the damage Liam has done. Brooke just stares back at Wyatt saying nothing.

Katie says she wants to cut back on the luxury items that Spencer spends far too much money on. Bill says the first rule of business is if you want to make money you have to spend it. Katie says true but are they spending their valuable resources in the right way. She says she’s going to keep the Spencer jet but the yacht needs to go. Bill protests saying he’s closed many deals on that yacht. Katie shuts him up by saying not anymore he doesn’t before saying she is also thinking of shutting down the Aspen retreat. Bill protests again and Katie finally gets angry at his constant interruptions. She tells him that there are going to be changes around here and tells him that he’s not in charge anymore, she is and he needs to accept it. Bill looks amused and uncaring.

Hope arrives at the cabin while Brooke tells Wyatt that Hope wants to be alone right now. Wyatt says that is because she’s upset over what Liam did. He asks what he did. Brooke looks hesitant to tell him and Wyatt promises not to use what she’s going to tell him against Liam or anything. He says he just wants to be there for Hope because he’s crazy about her. Brooke caves in and tells him that Liam made a video for Steffy like he did for Hope. Wyatt says Hope must have been crushed and Brooke says she was. Wyatt gets frustrated and says Liam is mistreating Hope all the time. He asks Brooke if she’s okay with Liam’s constant mistreatment of her daughter since she is their biggest supporter. Brooke looks shocked.

Bill and Katie can’t see eye to eye over the company’s future. Bill tells Katie that her ideas are going to drive Spencer off a cliff. Katie tells him that extended maternity leave and daycare as she’s proposing would never do that. She says she understands they don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the company and says his objections have been noted and he can leave at any time. Bill rudely tells Katie that she should stick his objections in a good place because she will need to refer to them when she ruins everything. Katie finally has enough and calls a break on the meeting saying she needs to talk to Bill alone. When everyone exits Katie turns to Bill visibly fuming and Bill looks back at her not looking sorry at all.

Brooke says no, she is sick of Liam hurting Hope actually. She says Hope deserves better and Wyatt insists she would have better with him. He says Hope is it for him, she’s the one and says he wants to remind her of that. He starts looking for Hope in Brooke’s house to talk to her before Brooke lets him know where Hope is. Wyatt thanks Brooke and leaves to see Hope. Caroline says what is bothering her is who sent the video to Hope. She asks if it was Steffy but Liam says he asked her and she wouldn’t lie to him. He says he wants to know who did it too because whoever it was had access to his tablet. Caroline says and they wanted to cause a rift between Hope and him. Liam says he thinks he knows who did it and when Caroline asks who, Liam says Wyatt.

Wyatt goes to see Hope and immediately starts badmouthing Liam. He asks Hope if Liam has any clue how insensitive he is to her. He says no, of course not because for Liam it’s always about him at any given time, it’s always about him only. Hope says that Liam swore to her that she would never have to deal with Steffy ever again but he keeps pulling Steffy back in their lives or letting her pull him. She says it’s exhausting and Wyatt says it’s also monumentally disrespectful. Hope says and that is what Liam doesn’t see. She says Liam just doesn’t get that and that is what bothers her so much. Wyatt tells Hope to stop the madness and walk away. He smiles at her and says walk his way. Hope looks back at Wyatt silently.

Bill impolitely tells Katie before she even begins talking that he’s not going to listen to a rookie trying to educate him about running a business. Katie says she was really hoping that they could work together because it wasn’t too long ago that they made a pretty good team. Bill falls silent at that but Katie soon says she guesses that isn’t going to happen though. Katie says that Bill knows all she ever wanted was their family. Bill says yet she settled for his company instead so quickly. Katie says well she had to walk away with something. She tells him she doesn’t want to fight with him but things have settled into how they are going to be and they are not going to change. She says she’s not going to roll over, she’s not going to crumble. She says she has a vision for this company and she really wishes he’d get on board for it.

Bill refuses to listen to her and says that she can run Spencer into the ground because he doesn’t care anymore. Katie silences him by saying but he does care. Smiling bitterly, Katie says that it saddens her how they ended up with him with her sister and her with his company. She says she could have never seen this coming nor would she have ever wanted it. She says she didn’t want it and Bill nods slightly. Liam comes over to Brooke’s and asks her where Hope is. He says Hope wanted time to think and he gave it to her but now he needs to talk to her so they can get through this mess and continue with their wedding.

Wyatt tells Hope to take off her ring and give him a chance because Liam will always let her down. When Hope looks like she wants to take off the ring but is hesitating Wyatt takes it off for her. Hope puts the ring in her pocket and Wyatt and her share a kiss. When Wyatt pulls away Hope looks at him with hazy eyes.

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