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Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn tells Wyatt that Hope left Big Bear and is coming home alone. When Wyatt looks confused, she smiles and tells him that Liam messed up again.

Liam enters his office and is surprised to find Bill there. He asks his dad what he’s doing at the office and Bill tells him he’s keeping an eye on things as he still owns 49% of the company. Bill asks Liam what he’s doing here as he was supposed to be with Hope at Big Bear. When Liam sighs, Bill says he knows that look and asks his son what happened this time.

Brooke asks Hope what happened and if Liam and she had a fight. Hope says according to Liam everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about. Brooke asks what she means by that and Hope says Steffy before saying it’s happening all over again. Brooke looks stunned at the news.

Liam explains to his dad about the video he made for Steffy. He tells Bill that he first made a video for Hope and then Hope freaked out when she learned he made one for Steffy. Bill asks how Hope found out and Liam tells him that someone sent it to her.

Quinn tells Liam that she was with Brooke with Hope called home sounding upset, very upset. Wyatt asks Quinn if Brooke didn’t tell her why Hope was unhappy and Quinn says she didn’t have to. She says he knows Hope’s history with Liam and how many times he’s let her down. She tells Wyatt that she had told him that Liam would do it again and he did. Wyatt nods his head in agreement. Brooke asks Hope if it isn’t possible that Steffy’s request for Liam to make her a video too can’t be innocent. Hope says maybe, she doesn’t know but this just seems too familiar to her. She sighs and firmly says she won’t share Liam with Steffy.

Liam tells Bill that he gets where Hope is coming from, they are finally about to get married and here is Steffy again. Bill tells Liam that Steffy is not here but in Paris. He says that Steffy isn’t messing with his relationship with Hope, Hope is doing that by getting all unglued over a video. He says it’s obvious Hope thinks he’s still hung up on Steffy. Smiling, he says maybe Hope is on to something. Liam denies that but Bill suggests maybe he did it on purpose. Liam asks his dad if he’s saying he meant to send Hope the video he made for Steffy. He asks why he would ever do that and Bill says for the same reason why he made Steffy the video in the first place. Bill grills his son about whether or not he still feels any connection to Steffy. When Liam is about to answer Bill tells him not to. He tells him to find out instead and tells him to get on the jet, go to Paris and see Steffy.

Wyatt says that Hope and Liam are about two seconds away from getting married and Liam isn’t going to screw up now. Quinn insists that he already has but Wyatt says she only heard one side of the conversation. Quinn says a mother can tell when he child is upset and Brooke looked alarm as she talked to Hope while Hope sounded distraught. Wyatt realizes that this is about Steffy and asks his mother if that’s true. Quinn asks Wyatt if he thinks Liam could still be interested in Steffy. Wyatt says he’s not sure but Liam didn’t push Steffy very hard to get the annulment Hope asked him to get. Wyatt says if Hope found out that Liam was still involved with Steffy, Quinn says she’d be distraught. Wyatt says wow and sighs.

Brooke watches the video Liam made for Steffy that was sent to Hope. After watching it, Brooke says she can understand why Hope is upset about it. She asks Hope what Liam told her about it and Hope says he said that it doesn’t have to change anything and that it is just a video. Hope says but he used the exact same lyrics and type of pictures to tell her how he felt about her. She says how does she know that he’s not also thinking about Steffy. Brooke says that is a question that she’s going to have to ask Liam. Hope says what if this video Liam made for Steffy makes her think she has a right on Liam? Hope says she did and Liam didn’t seem to get why she was so upset about his making the video for Steffy. She says that she’s now thinking about Steffy again and Liam is the one that put her in this place and she doesn’t know what to do about it. She says and this is a feeling that she vowed she’d never allow herself to go through again. Brooke looks concerned.

Bill tells Liam that he still loves Steffy and how he didn’t end his marriage to her but Steffy did. He says and if Steffy hadn’t left Los Angeles they’d still be together. Liam says yes but she did leave and they are not together and they have all moved on except for him maybe. He says but everybody else knows he’s committed to Hope. Bill asks Liam if he’s ready to commit to her again and when Liam asks what kind of question that is, Bill tells him he better think of the answer because that is the question Hope is going to ask him.

Quinn asks Wyatt if he can think of any other reason why Hope would run away from Liam like that. Laughing, Wyatt says he can think of a million reasons why she should. Wyatt sounds frustrated as he says he told her not to do it, he told Hope not to rush into another wedding. He says her mind was made up though. Wyatt asks how Liam could have done this to her again and says it’s unacceptable and she needs to be told that she doesn’t need to put up with it.

Hope tells Brooke that she shouldn’t have to constantly be living with an anxiety about where Liam and her stand. She says and she told him that she wasn’t going to do that. Brooke says seeing that video must have reminded her of the worst times of her life. Hope says she hated feeling that way and says she doesn’t want Liam to feel like she doesn’t trust him but she can’t help but wonder if the past is repeating itself. She says Liam says it’s not, he says Steffy hasn’t changed her mind about the annulment and he hasn’t changed his mind about the wedding. Brooke tells Hope that she really has put up with enough when it comes to Liam and that she deserves to be loved by a man who only loves her, a man like Wyatt. Hope looks at her mother with wide eyes.

Liam tells Bill that he’s not going to Paris. He says Hope is already upset, that would make her lose it completely. Hope firmly tells Brooke that bringing Wyatt into this is a bad idea. When Brooke says Wyatt cares for her deeply Hope reminds Brooke that this is about Liam and the video that he made for Steffy. She says she’s confused as it is and bringing Wyatt into it isn’t helping. Brooke just smiles to herself.

Wyatt tells his mother that he’s through respecting something that he never respected in the first place. He says Liam has had enough chances to make it work with Hope and his chance is over. He says Hope and his chance begins tomorrow. Liam tells Bill that Hope and him are getting married still. He says Hope just asked for some time alone but they will sort this out tomorrow. Hope, Wyatt and Liam think about their memories of each other, both brothers dreaming of being with Hope.

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