B&B Wednesday Update 10/9/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/9/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope looks at the video of Liam and Steffy and all the pictures. She does not look very happy.

Quinn looks at her phone and deletes the email account she sent it from. Pam and Eric walk down the hall and Eric notices Quinn and she explains she was just looking for Wyatt.

The bartender asks if Wyatt needs a cab. Wyatt rambles on about the diamond.

Liam walks out and wonders what is wrong with Hope. Hope asks what this is. Hope shows Liam the video and does not understand what this is. She asks if he knows.

Pam tells someone that Rick is still in the press room. Eric asks if there is anything going on. Quinn says no. Brooke comes in and congratulates Eric and Quinn and explaining she has flowers for Rick and Caroline. Brooke then gives Quinn flowers explaining they are for her and Wyatt and their hard work.

Liam says he has no idea how it got to Hope but he made it for Steffy. Liam cannot understand this. Hope is shocked that he made this. Liam tells her that when he made the video it was in Rick's office and he accidently sent one to Steffy and she asked for one in return. Hope wants to know why he did something. Hope cannot believe this. Hope wonders if Liam felt guilty. Hope tries to believe Liam. Hope wonders though seeing that Liam did marry Steffy.

Brooke tells someone that she will take care of something right away. Quinn asks if Pam could put the flowers somewhere everyone can enjoy them. Pam decides to put them on Donna's side of the desk. Eric knows they will never finish this stuff tonight. Quinn knows that Brooke is still working on Hope and Liam's wedding.

Wyatt drinks some coffee and thinks about Hope.

Hope still does not understand. Hope asks why Steffy would have reason to turn to Liam. now. Hope knows that anything Steffy does in Liam's eyes is ok. Liam does not know why Hope is having a problem. Hope tells Liam that when he gives his former wife. Steffy has his last name. Hope wonders if Liam has ever said no to Steffy even once.

Brooke guesses that it was a hard night for Wyatt. Quinn thinks that the show could not have been better. Quinn asks if Liam is passive. She believes that Liam likes to say things to make people happy. Brooke knows that she wants Wyatt to be happy but there is nothing they can do about it.

Wyatt drinks more coffee and thinks more about Hope.

Hope is not bothered by the images. Liam wants to know how the video got in his inbox. Hope thinks it was Steffy. Liam explains that is not possible. Hope cannot believe this. Hope thinks her life looks a lot different now. She knows that she is just a minor character with her life. She knows nothing has changed. Liam explains that is about planning their wedding. Liam did not think this was important. He wants it to be over. Hope thinks Liam is smart but not about other people or himself. Hope decides to leave. Hope can get over the video but she cannot get over how it happened. Hope believes when Steffy says jump Liam says how high. Hope knows that Steffy was sending a message with that video. Liam thinks that Hope is reading to much into this. Hope has been through this before and she losses.

Brooke thinks she should go. Quinn hopes that Brooke is not uncomfortable. Brooke would like them to be friends. Quinn would too. Quinn remembers when she was younger with Wyatt and Wyatt just liked to count the money. She asks her not to tell Bill. Quinn tells Brooke that she wants Hope to be happy.

Liam believes that he loves Hope and that nothing is happening. Hope knows that Liam does not want anyone to get hurt and Steffy knows that too. Liam says that Steffy is gone. Hope says she is not gone. Hope know Liam is going to say Hope is delusional. Hope is done. She tells Liam not to come with her.

The bartender wants to leave. Wyatt says bye.

Brooke asks if Quinn needs a ride. Brooke gets a call from Hope asking if she can ride Stephanie's car back. Hope says she will see Brooke soon to explain. Quinn asks what is wrong. Brooke says something must have happened because Hope is coming home alone. Quinn is relieved.

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