B&B Tuesday Update 10/8/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/8/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

At Big Bear Hope and Liam discuss the wedding. Hope wonders how many people will be able to come but Liam wants to talk about something else. Liam kisses Hope. Liam is afraid that someone will want to object. Hope explains no one will even be allowed to ask that question.

Quinn thinks that the Steffy video is a beautiful tribute. She wonders what Hope would think. She takes a deep breath and decides not to send it to Wyatt.

Wyatt is at a bar and Oliver shows up. Oliver asks how he likes Forrester. Wyatt says he cannot complain. Oliver asks about the diamond. Wyatt explains that it does have powers.

Eric toasts with Rick and Caroline. Eric is very proud of the two of them. Rick is happy to hear Eric say this. Eric knows he has put a lot of pressure on Rick but knows that he will make it.

Wyatt gets another drink. Oliver explains he has been there with Hope. Wyatt asks if he said he was. Oliver knows without even saying anything. Oliver explains that he has a tattoo that says Hope in Chinese after drinking.

Quinn looks at the video again.

Liam tells Hope that she will not get to know where they are going on the honeymoon. Hope is very excited.

Rick knows it was a big gamble but is glad that Eric had faith in him. Thorne walks in and sees there is a lot to celebrate.

Quinn creates a new email and Pam shows up.

Oliver explains it is tough but he knows that Hope looks happy with Liam. Wyatt explains that he knows that Liam is with Hope at big bear where they first met and he was naked. Wyatt asks if Oliver and Hope ever had sex. Oliver explains he thought he did but it turned out to be Brooke. Wyatt is shocked and confused.

Hope explains that she kind of feels bad for Wyatt. Liam thinks he will get over it once they are married and Hope stops encouraging it. Hope explains she does like the attention.

Eric tells Thorne that he should be celebrating. Thorne congratulates Rick for what he is doing. Eric explains that with Thomas and Steffy in Paris at international and his two sons working here everything is perfect.

Oliver is shocked that Wyatt has not heard this one. Oliver explains that it was a complete mistake and Hope fell out of love with Hope. Wyatt laughs at this.

Quinn did not hear Pam coming. Pam thinks not because people are so obsessed with phones now a day. Pam explains that she got three emails from people in her baking club. She rambles on about things. Quinn asks if she should call Hope. Pam explains the internet is really bad at big bear. Quinn can't call though.

Hope does not think that Wyatt is payback for the Steffy stuff but just a wake up call for Liam. Hope knows that it is all over now and that Steffy is not here any more. Hope loves her video. She has never felt so special and cared for. Hope kisses Liam. Liam is happy that all the sadness is behind them.

Rick and Caroline kiss and Caroline wonders how great things are going. Rick is so happy that Caroline is with him and that she has became a force in this company and his life. He knew it was going to be the two of them working together.

Hope explains that Pam is going to have to make the cake because they will never get out of it. Liam goes to make a phone call. Hope tells Liam that while he is in the bedroom to make it romantic and she will come in when he says so. Liam says he will make the call quick. Hope laughs and looks at her ring.

Oliver and Wyatt agree to get together again sometime. Oliver tells him to be safe. Wyatt takes another drink.

Hope looks at the press stuff. She notices how slow the internet is. Hope gets a message.

Quinn looks and sees that the email has been sent.

Wyatt looks sad.

Hope opens the video and it is the Steffy tribute video. Hope looks shocked and a bit confused.

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