B&B Monday Update 10/7/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/7/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn looks at the Steffy video. While Hope gets applauded for the fashion show and the diamond on stage.

Donna cannot believe that Brooke is engaged.

The other models make their way to the stage and Rick comes out thanking them. Caroline comes out and everyone claps for her. She thanks them all. Hope smiles.

Quinn looks through the video again and a photographer tells her that Eric wants her out on stage for the press conference. Quinn explains she will be there in a moment. Quinn sends the video to herself.

Donna is shocked. Brooke explains she will not wear the wring until Katie is divorced from Bill. Bill comes in and explains he knows that she does not like him but he is spending the rest of his life with her.

Hope has the press conference. Hope explains the diamond is real. A reporter asks who else is involved. Hope tells them that Quinn and Wyatt are responsible for all jewels. The two get a round of applause.

Brooke hopes that Donna can keep this a secret. Donna promises not to tell her anything. Donna wants to feel happy for Brooke but it is just complicated. Brooke understands. Donna learned a lot today. She thinks what Bill and Brooke share is really special she tells them not to screw up. Bill says he wont. Bill did not think that was to bad. Brooke still wishes she could have been there for Hope.

Hope explains it is not the actual Hope diamond but it is very similar. Wyatt explains that he and Quinn are very happy to be working with Forrester and Hope is the inspiration. Caroline tells them that this whole line is inspired by Hope. Caroline was also inspired by different cultures. Liam comes on stage and tells them that they are getting married very soon. Liam says the show was flawless. The press asks for a kiss from Hope and Liam and they agree to it.

Pam tells Quinn the show went well and to join her for a lemon bar later. Liam explains to Quinn he knows what they did. Quinn does not know what she is talking about. Liam tells her she does not know what she is talking about. Liam goes over to his tablet and Quinn walks away.

Bill thinks they need to find Donna a man. Brooke wonders if it should be like Bill. Bill says as much as possible but to be realistic. Brooke wishes she could tells Katie but Bill tells her they have to be respectful to her. The two kiss passionately.

Liam makes a phone call and tells Eric thank you for allowing them to take some time off. Eric is more than ok. Eric is going to go check the blogs as Hope shows up. Hope thanks him and is happy they are understanding. Liam wants to go to big bear. Hope thinks that is amazing. Wyatt over hears.

Quinn asks how Wyatt is doing. He explains he is great. She cannot believe this is happening. Wyatt's expectations were exceeded today. Quinn tells him not to pretend he is ok. Wyatt does not have a shot with Hope. Quinn thinks that Liam is not close to the man Wyatt is. She believes Wyatt is the right man. Wyatt thinks they have a history. Wyatt saw a video that Liam made that could not compete with. Quinn looks at her email and sees the video of Steffy and Liam.

Rick tells Caroline the designs were incredible. Caroline thinks they might have been better than the diamond. They finally pulled it off. Rick is so proud of her. This company means a lot to Rick. Rick and Caroline kiss.

Brooke gets a text message from Hope saying the fashion show went well. Brooke wishes she could have been there. Brooke reads further and it is explained Hope and Liam are going to big Bear to plan the wedding. Bill is happy for them.

Hope tells Wyatt she meant what she said that she could not have done this without him. Hope says that if they had met earlier, it might have worked between them. Hope explains he is all the things that she wants. She has to stop sending mixed signals, because it is not fair to anyone. Wyatt takes the diamond off before Hope leaves. Hope is happy for a future with Wyatt as a friend. Wyatt explains that Liam is a lucky guy who better deserves Hope. Liam shows up and tells Wyatt of their plans. Liam tries to get her out as quickly as possible. Quinn, who oversaw the entire thing, decides to send the video to Hope.

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