B&B Wednesday Update 10/2/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/2/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Liam kiss. Liam missed Hope a lot. Hope explains she was only gone one night. Liam believes that it was hard to be away. Hope tells Liam that she did not do anything with Wyatt. Hope is going to be wearing a forty carrot diamond. Liam thinks she is more beautiful than it.

Quinn cannot understand how Wyatt can just give up on Hope. Quinn tells get on Hope for a relationship. Wyatt does not have Hope because she still wants Liam. He is not going to push himself on Hope. It is over.

Caroline looks at the diamond and Rick tells her she will go blind if she keeps staring. Caroline thinks it is beautiful. She does not think it is real. She wants to borrow it and give Rick his own private show. The two kiss passionately.

Donna and Pam look at the body guard and they both think he is very cute. Pam notices his wedding ring. Donna wonders if Liam is going to actually marry Hope. The two go in on a bet for it.

Caroline loves working with Rick. Rick tells Caroline they have to get going on work. Caroline take a little bit of time just on them. Caroline sits on Rick's lap and Rick thinks this is exactly what they need. Rick missed his time with Caroline and his way that he had with her. Rick thinks she is unique. Caroline likes the sound of that. The two kiss passionately again.

Quinn tells Wyatt that she is proud but now is not the time to himself out of the running. Quinn does not think that Liam is going to work. Quinn knows that she cares about Wyatt. Quinn tells Wyatt to fall for her.

Liam explains that he talked to Steffy while she was gone. Hope wonders why. Liam tells Hope that he needed a signature. Hope understands. Liam thinks they should get married at their house. It will be a way to control the environment. Hope and Liam both agree no father Fontana. The two laugh. Hope loves that she is going to be Mrs. Liam Spencer. Hope kisses Liam.

Caroline says they are going to change a few things. Caroline believes they should go with a later date. Rick explains that they have already changed everything. Caroline understands. Rick believes they have a lot of stuff they have to do. Caroline says it is his choice.

Quinn wonders how Hope was on the trip. Wyatt tells her they had fun and that Hope gets him. Wyatt was proud of how Hope had acted. Wyatt was just amazed at how things went. Wyatt told Hope he loved her. However Hope loves Liam not him. He is not going to object during the wedding. Quinn thinks that the fashion show is perfect and they need to go find Rick and Caroline.

Hope thinks the last time they tried to get married at the house it went well until it didn't. Liam wants to be married right away. Liam will not let anything get in their way.

Liam ends a call with someone. Donna and Pam want to know when they will be getting married. Liam says very soon. Pam and Donna are very happy. Pam wants to bake the cake. Liam is speechless.

Rick and Caroline believe that they are not going to wait for Hope and Liam to get married. Rick tells Hope that they have to go with the early day. Hope wants to get married right now. She cannot do all that. She has to wait until after the wedding. Rick understands they are excited to get married but they have to do this very fast. Caroline tells her that she is good with whatever. Wyatt agrees with everyone. Quinn tells them all that the jewel will make the success. Hope tells them all that she promised Liam. Rick knows that Liam would understand. Hope will do it. Rick tells them all that this is all about global reach it needs to be something that no one is going to forget.

Liam says she can bake the cake. Pam is happy because this means she gets to come to the wedding.

Quinn tells Hope that she knows that she is disappointed. Hope just has had to stall her plans a lot. Quinn thinks that it has a lot of stuff to do. Quinn tells her not to rush into her marriage when it comes to Wyatt. Hope is committed to Liam. Quinn tells Hope that she has traveled the world to see stones. She explains that there is nothing like it in the world. Quinn knows that this will sound crazy but the stone is speaking to her and she sees the future. She believes Hope and Wyatt are fated something magical beyond their wildest dreams. Hope looks at the diamond and smiles.

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