B&B Tuesday Update 10/1/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/1/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope wants to look at the diamond again but they can't because its locked up right now. Hope is so happy that Wyatt is so convincing. Wyatt does not think that because he would be with her in that case. Hope gets an email from Liam.

Eric and Quinn discuss Wyatt and Hope. Quinn explains that Hope and Wyatt were together. Eric believes that everything will work out for them.

Hope opens the video and gets emotional to see all the pictures of them together. Wyatt is not amused and seems jealous after a few moments of watching Hope get emotional.

Pam tells Donna that Hope and Wyatt are coming back with a third person. Pam and Donna think that it is someone famous. Eric and Caroline show up and ask if Hope is back. Caroline explains she cannot wait.

Eric hopes that it will go over well. Rick walks in and asks if they got it.

Hope tells Liam on the phone that she will see him as soon as she is done with her meeting and that she loves him.

Liam gets a message from Steffy saying the annulment is back on track. Liam says thanks. Steffy types another message saying she got the email. Liam does not know what she is talking about. Liam thinks about it for a moment and cannot believe he sent that. He tells her is sorry and it was a mistake. Steffy thinks it was really beautiful. Steffy asks if she could have one of her. Liam asks if she wants a video of them. Steffy wants a tribute of what was their marriage. Liam agrees.

Quinn explains that many people do not know that it exists. Pam asks if this is cursed like the Hope diamond. Quinn explains that this diamond does the opposite. Hope and Wyatt come in and Wyatt asks the body guard to put the brief case on the table. He opens it up and Wyatt explains what the diamond is of. He shows them all and they are all fascinated by it.

Liam works on the video. He stares at it. He listens to a song that was on their wedding mix. He starts to think of past times he had with Steffy.

Quinn never expected this. Caroline cannot believe that anyone would want to keep that hidden from the world. Eric tells the body guard that they are ready to take over with security. Quinn holds it and it is cold. She thinks it is amazing. Hope says that Ricardo is the right platform. Rick thinks the press will love this. Rick knows this is exactly what the line needs. Pam wonders if everyone feels a little more peppy with the diamond in the room. Wyatt thinks it might have powers.

Liam tells Steffy it is done. Liam says he will send it to her now. Liam says great memories. Steffy sits waiting.

Rick tells everyone they have to get on this. Caroline says they need to get PR ready. Hope tells everyone this is thanks to Quinn and Wyatt. The buzz will become a roar. Hope believes that Quinn and Wyatt have brought something extraordinary. Hope thanks them. Hope hugs Wyatt and Quinn smiles.

Steffy sips some tea and turns on the video which shows the different times in their relationship Steffy tears up

Liam tries to get into the office. The guard tells him he is not allowed to go in because Hope is hosting a meeting with Wyatt. Liam is confused. Hope gets a text to go let Liam in.

Hope goes in the hall and tells Liam she got the diamond. Liam kisses him and Wyatt sees from the hallway. Hope asks what Liam did while she was gone. Liam says that he got the wedding planned for the most part.

Rick tells everyone that they should not leave Donna and Pam alone with the diamond. Eric thinks if they are around it long enough they will be friends. Pam and Donna put it down and leave. Everyone leaves and Quinn wonders what happened. Wyatt explains he said he loved her but she is still marrying Liam. Wyatt wants Hope to be happy. Quinn wants the same for Wyatt and believe they belong together. She can feel it. The two watch Liam and Hope kiss.

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