B&B Monday Update 9/30/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/30/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill asks Brooke to marry him after his divorce is final. He wants her to be his wife.

Hope and Wyatt look at the diamond and Wyatt can tell that Hope can feel the power. Wyatt asks her not to marry Liam.

Liam looks at pictures of Hope while he puts together a slide show. He thinks about all the times he has had with Hope.

Wyatt tells Hope that they have everything. Wyatt knows that the diamond may just be on loan for now but one day Wyatt is going to buy her a rock that big. Wyatt knows that there is a connection between them. Wyatt believes the first time they saw each other was love at first sight. Wyatt wants to kiss Hope.

Donna shows up at work and does not want to listen to Pam. Pam asks why she did not show up for speed dating. Donna never said she was going to that. Pam asks what is going on. Donna tells her that her sisters are fighting.

Bill tells Brooke to wear the ring right now so that they are committed to one another. Brook cries.

Wyatt looks at the pictures and calls Hope.

Hope looks at her phone and picks it up. Liam tells her that he was just calling to say good night. Hope and Liam tell each other they love each other and Hope hangs up. Wyatt thinks that is strange after all that has happened. Wyatt will not let Hope do this again. Hope tells Wyatt he has no choice in the matter. Wyatt loves everything about her. Wyatt has fallen in love with her. Wyatt tries to kiss Hope and she lets him.

Pam is very interested in what is going on with Brooke and Bill. Donna says not to tell anyone. Donna tells her that it has not been easy for anyone and now it is over for Bill and Katie. Pam asks if Brooke and Bill are serious. Donna is not sure.

Brooke thinks that this is breathtaking. Bill tells her to just say one word. Brooke wonders what this will do to Katie. Bill does not want to hurt Katie but they need to think about themselves for once. Bill believes the ring will be a symbol for them as a couple. Brooke is the first woman who has not been afraid of him. Brooke respects him and believes he is what a man should be. Brooke believes that Bill has brought so much into her life and she cannot imagine living without him. Brooke thinks Katie will see this as a betrayal. Brooke think that Katie is the reason for this. Bill agrees. Bill tells her that he is hers and everything that he does from now on will be for her and his sons. Brooke wonders how this can be wrong. Bill says nothing is wrong about them. Bill knew the exact moment he fell for her. Brooke knows it was the hot air balloon. Brooke thinks that is when it all began. Clips of them together are shown. Bill thinks this is just the start and they will have more memories. Brooke thinks the ring is beautiful. Bill tells her to put it on.

Liam gets an instant message from Steffy. Steffy asks how Hope and him are doing. Liam says things are good. Steffy is happy for him. Steffy tells Liam that he and Hope are happy to get married now. Liam gives a strange face.

Hope tells him to stop. She likes him but she is engaged to Liam. Wyatt tells her she does not have to be. Hope claims she wants to be. She says she does have feelings but she is committed. Wyatt wonders how many times this is going to happen. Wyatt does not think this is normal. Wyatt explains that she has not married him and he would only need one shot and they would be married and he would never let her go. Hope tells him that Liam is very committed and is pushing for the wedding. Wyatt knows that he is pushing for a different reason. He asks if Steffy is still in the picture. Hope believes that Steffy is no longer a problem.

Steffy tells Liam she has to go walk her dog that she named Malibu. Liam decides to send his video to Hope but accidently sends it to Steffy.

Steffy sees the email.

Brooke loves Bill and wants the time they could have together but until the time is right she will keep the ring in her safe. Brooke will keep it on though when they are alone together. Bill believes that Brooke is the woman that he has been waiting for his entire life. He will be the husband that she always wanted. Bill tells Brooke with the ring he commits himself completely to her. He asks her to marry him. Brooke says yes and cries. Bill puts the ring on her finger. The two kiss.

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