B&B Friday Update 9/27/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/27/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Bill she tried to get through to Katie but she couldn't. Bill justifies his affair with Brooke by saying all they did was give Katie what she demanded. Bill tells Brooke to let go of the guilt and hugs her.

Liam is not thrilled to hear that Hope is staying the night in Mexico. Liam says he wonders if Wyatt has something to do with this but she assures him he doesn't. Liam says okay and tells her to have fun and that he'll see her tomorrow then. Rick brings Liam photos that he asked for and asks Liam what they are for. Liam says a surprise for Hope that he's working on while she's away. Caroline asks if Hope still remembers about the show coming up since she's gone but Rick says she's only gone for the day. When Liam lets them know she's actually gone for the night too, they look a little concerned.

Katie looks miserable in her office as Donna walks in. Donna sees her face and says she can come back but Katie tells her to stay. Donna asks how it went with Bill and Katie looks more upset. Worried, Donna asks her what happened. Katie says it wasn't anything she didn't expect. She says after all when Brooke has a new man in her life you always know where to find her; in the bedroom. Donna's face falls and Katie looks very unhappy. 

Brooke tells Bill that she doesn't want to feel guilty anymore, but it frustrates her that Katie may never acknowledge what they are. Brooke says but he belongs with her and she doesn't want to stop what they have started. She says but Katie can't stand the sight of her and she doesn't know how to deal with that. Bill says with him and Brooke looks touched.

Caroline is stunned to hear that Hope is with Wyatt. Liam says she went to look for a diamond and Caroline jokes that Hope didn't like the ring he got her. Liam laughs and Caroline asks why she hasn't gotten an invite to the wedding yet. Liam says they haven't set a date yet because the annulment still needs to go through. He says but Hope and him will be married really soon. 

Wyatt asks Hope how Liam is taking that she is staying overnight. Hope says he's not thrilled but he's okay with it. Wyatt says after all he did to her he deserves to be home alone while she's in a foreign country with another man. Hope says she's not using him to make Liam jealous. Wyatt says she is using him to get a diamond though and Hope says for that, yes. They share a laugh and a smile.

Donna asks Katie if she saw Bill and Brooke having sex. Katie says no, thank god. Katie explains what it felt like when she took Will over to see Bill. She says how his face lit up when he saw Will, it was like a wife coming home to her husband. Donna feels Katie's pain and comforts her. Katie says she didn't let Bill pick up on how she felt and says she's just going to have to stay closed off until it stops hurting. 

Katie says Brooke had the nerve to ask her to accept Bill and her together. She says she told Brooke that she'd never do that, never. Donna looks at Katie with teary eyes. Bill tells Brooke that as time goes by Katie will forgive them, she's just having trouble seeing this from their eyes right now. Brooke says but she used to be able to comfort Katie and now Katie can't stand her.

Bill tells Brooke that she still has Donna, Hope and Karen so she's not crying alone. He says eventually Katie will let her back in. Brooke tries to justify herself by saying that she did try to stop this but her feelings for him were just too strong. She says that she doesn't want to see Katie hurting but now that she has him she can't let him go. Bill smiles and hugs Brooke.

After telling Liam about Maya and Carter being engaged, Rick and Caroline leave Liam alone to work on his gift.

Hope talks to Wyatt about the diamond before Ricardo arrives. He tells them he couldn't have let them leave his city without staying the night because there is too much to see and do. Wyatt says they really only want to see the diamond and he starts to show it to them. Pausing he tells them that they should know that his life changed ever since he got the diamond. He says he believes their lives will change too and shows it to them. Wyatt and Hope are stunned by the beauty of the diamond.

Bill tells Brooke that there will be no more talk about her losing him because she's not losing him. Brooke tells him that it's either him or Katie though. Bill says that isn't going to happen because sooner or later Katie will come around. He kisses Brooke and Brooke looks pleased. Donna asks Katie if she's regretting coming back but Katie says no. She says she's going to focus on her job and her son and that as hard as it's going to be she is going to try and forget how much she loved Brooke and Bill once. 

Liam works on his present as Hope and Wyatt remain stunned by the diamond. They are able to convince Ricardo to part with it after he asks for extra security. He tells Hope that this diamond leads people to their destinies. Remembering how Brooke always speaks of destiny and how that has worked for her, Hope says she's not sure she believes in destiny. Ricardo says the diamond will make her. Smiling, Hope looks at Wyatt. Once Ricardo leaves Wyatt tries to convince Hope to not marry Liam. He tells her to look at what they have together and swears to her that one day he is going to give her this diamond and some day he is going to make her his wife. Hope looks stunned.

Donna tries to argue to Katie that Brooke doesn't want to hurt her, but Katie laughs and says yes she does. Donna says Brooke would never fully commit to Bill, she couldn't do that to her, but Katie looks bitter and doubtful.

Bill tells Brooke he is never going back to Katie because he's in love with her. He gives Brooke a ring and says it's a symbol if his commitment to her. He asks her if she'll marry him. Brooke starts crying and looks more than happy. 

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