B&B Thursday Update 9/26/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/26/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke defends Bill's actions and says he was only having her followed because he was concerned. Katie shuts Brooke down by saying when she does it it's criminal but when Bill does it, it's concern revealing a double standard. Tension is clear between Katie and Brooke and Bill leaves to put Will down for a nap. Hope and Wyatt are shown on the Forrester jet going for their business trip. Katie asks Brooke to put some clothes on but Brooke refuses to do so saying that this is her bedroom. She asks Katie what she wants to talk to her about and says she's hopeful for whatever it is since she doesn't want her to turn her back on her. Katie doesn't look pleased.

Hope complains about not having an Wi-Fi and Wyatt says is she waiting for an email from Liam in an annoyed way. Hope says Liam knows she's only going for a few hours and that this is just business. Wyatt says for her, yes. Hope tells him he has no respect for her even though Wyatt disagrees. Hope says if he did respect her then he's respect Liam too. Wyatt says she has earned respect but Liam hasn't. Hope tells him to at least respect her choices then. Wyatt asks Hope how many happy days versus unhappy days she's had ever since she met Liam.

Bill complains to Liam about Will's parenting situation. He says Will should have two parents and not have to be bouncing back and forth between his mother and father. Katie asks Brooke how long she expects this to continue. Brooke asks what she's referring to and Katie doesn't like how she's playing dumb. Katie asks if Bill is living with Brooke or temporarily staying as he looks for a place to live. Brooke asks why that matters to Katie as she's done with Bill. Katie tells her it is because she told her she wants to re-build her relationship with her which is ironic seeing she's offered her husband a permanent place in her home and her bed. Brooke doesn't look happy. 

Brooke tries to guilt Katie for taking Bill's home and his job and asks her when she's going to stop her rampage. Katie firmly tells her that it will stop when she can stop thinking of Brooke and Bill together and what they destroyed. Brooke rudely says so if she leaves Bill it will fix everything. Katie says at least she won't have to visualize his hands on her and his mouth on her and him touching her. Brooke tries to again, blame Katie for pushing Bill and her together but Katie tells her she was sick when she did that. She asks what Brooke's excuse is. Brooke says she never intended for this to happen but Katie tells her that's always her excuse. She says that her intentions don't matter, her actions do. She says she's telling her how she can start to make things right, but she's not interested in that. Katie says Brooke is like the thief who is so sorry she got caught but she has no intention of giving back the goods. Letting out a dramatic gasp, Brooke says Katie wants Bill back and this is what this is all about.

Liam asks Bill if he has told Katie how he feels about the impact of this situation on Will. Bill says not now but he said it countless times when he was trying to save their marriage. Liam reminds Bill that he is not blameless in this and they get into a discussion about commitment. Bill asks Liam if Hope is guilting him about staying with Steffy when she was pregnant. Liam says no but says it's weighing on him anyway especially knowing that Hope is in Mexico with Wyatt right now. Bill is surprised to hear that news.

Hope and Liam sit down with the person they have arrived to meet and the business discussion begins. Hope tries to negotiate with the owner for the Hope diamond. She says keeping the diamond safe in Los Angeles is of utmost importance to them and she offers a usage fee for every day that they have it in their possession. Wyatt helps negotiate by saying they can give the diamond the exposure it deserves impressing Hope and the owner. 

Bill tells Liam that Hope is trying to make him jealous and he tells him not to let her succeed. Liam says that Hope is just living her life and that is making him reflect on his past and he's not so happy with himself. Liam moves to go but Bill stops him and they have a short discussion on how Bill is less centered on himself nowadays. Bill says he said he was going to be a better person and he is trying. Liam says he is happier than before and implies Brooke has made that happen. Bill tells Liam that Hope isn't like that though and that she only likes him when he's good an eventually he's going to get tired of that. Liam sighs tiredly. 

Katie tells Brooke that she's not about to get into a war over Bill no matter how exciting that may seem to her. Brooke tells Katie that his is so like her to go back on her decision. Irritated Katie tells Brooke that if she was regretting divorcing Bill then Brooke is the last person she would come crying to. She adds in that for the record she could get Bill back if she wanted to but says that is not why she is here. She says she's here for their relationship. She tells Brooke that she's her blood and her sister and she once looked up to her and loved her. She asks Brooke if there is anything of that left and says if there is then what is she willing to do about it. Brooke looks back speechlessly. 

The owner of the diamond asks Hope and Wyatt for more time and they agree to cancel their previous plan of flying back today. The owner says he will make their arrangements and tells them to use the next few hours to prepare themselves to see the stone. He says that once they see it their lives will never be the same. Hope and Wyatt look excited. Liam learns he has to get one more signature from Steffy to make the annulment go through and he calls her to ask her for it. Making the call he asks her for the signature but then starts leaving her a message about everything else going on in his life: Hope, his dad and his problems with Wyatt. Once he gets off the phone he sighs and looks upset making it obvious he misses Steffy. 

Bill spends time with his son while Brooke and Katie continue their discussion. Brooke tells Katie she'd do anything to repair their relationship and feel like sisters again. Katie says not while she is still sleeping with her husband. She says no divorce papers or permission from a heartbroken, betrayed wife can ever make this okay. Brooke says she understands but it happened. Katie firmly says she's asking why it's still happening. Brooke says it doesn't matter and Katie snaps saying she has turned Bill and her into a storybook romance in which they can overcome everything including his pesky ex-wife who just happens to be her baby sister. Brooke says Katie just wants to hurt her but Katie says no, she wants to love her but she won't let her because she's too selfish. Brooke says that Bill is his own person and so she can't tell what he's going to want. She says the future is unknown but Katie tells her that this isn't about Bill, it's about her. She says the future too is plain as day, it's her and Bill striving for a happy ending. She asks Brooke if she expects her to just accept that and says she will never accept it leaving Brooke looking frustrated and unhappy. 

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