B&B Wednesday Update 9/25/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/25/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tells Brooke when she comes into the room that he has already heard about Hope and Liam. He does not want to talk about. Brooke asks if he is upset. Bill explains that he is not even thinking about it after seeing what Brooke looks like. The two kiss.

Katie and Donna are on the plane and Donna wonders if Bill knows about them coming back. Katie wants to surprise both Bill and Brooke.

Wyatt and Quinn are very proud of themselves for what they have been able to plot out. Quinn believes that Liam is their only ploy though.

Liam tells Hope that Brooke and him had a little talk after she left. Hope wants to hear how it went. Liam explains that she has heard it all before. Hope tells Liam that she has to get going to Mexico. Liam thinks she is joking. Hope says she is not and that she is going with Wyatt.

Donna thinks Katie should call Bill. Katie does not believe that she should. Donna knows that Brooke is suffering.

Brooke goes down on the bed as Bill kisses her and Brooke takes off his shirt and Bill does the same. The two continue to kiss.

Wyatt does not think that Liam will be a problem. Wyatt knows that this will work. He thinks that this would look great with the designs and jewels. Quinn wants them to work and believes they should be together.

Hope tells Liam that he has to listen to the idea. Liam figures out that it was all Wyatt's idea and is not pleased.

Bill and Brooke hug naked under a blanket telling each other they love each other. Brooke knows how much Bill misses his son. Bill believes that if Katie is not happy that Will is not going to be happy. Bill tells Brooke that for all this to happen Katie would have to come home first.

Donna asks Katie to let her come with her. Katie does not want her to and Katie knows that she does not believe that Bill and Brooke are not actually suffering. Katie needs to see proof.

Eric asks if Wyatt is set for the trip. Wyatt says he is all prepped. Eric thinks this is a dream if they can pull it off. Wyatt says he will and leaves. Eric asks if Wyatt is always like this.

Liam asks why Wyatt cannot just go get it himself. Hope says that the owner needs to know it is legit. Liam thinks that Eric should be doing this. Hope believes she can handle it. Liam asks her to be safe and come back to him.

Quinn tells Eric this is more than a business trip for Wyatt but that it is a business trip. Eric understands and is shocked that Wyatt actually wants to go into the Hope/Liam relationship. Quinn thinks he gets it from Bill. Quinn believes that there is a time when discretion should be put aside for the young at heart. Eric believes that it is the best time for the young to be discreet.

Wyatt gets on the jet and is very amazed. The flight attendant comes in and asks if he needs something to drink. Wyatt explains he will wait for Hope.

Hope tells Liam that she has to leave. Liam tells her to be careful. Hope tells him that both of them will be working the entire time. Hope explains she will be back tonight. Hope tells Liam to keep the fires burning. Liam promises her.

Bill tells Brooke that he called off the detectives. Brooke thanks Bill. Bill explains that Brooke does not deserve the smile on her face jokingly. Bill goes to get the door that has rung and Katie is there with Will. Bill takes Will and kisses him. Katie frowns. Will is crying and Katie gives Will her bottle. Bill cannot believe how big he has become. Katie says it has not been that long. Bill finds out that Will has been riding the pony's in central park. Bill is happy to see her. Katie tells him that she had to get away. Bill understands. She asks how things are with him. Bill explains that he has been trying to keep busy but he has been thinking of her. Bill takes Will outside.

Liam find Quinn and asks if Wyatt got a big send off. Liam wonders if this was her idea. Quinn explains that it is. Quinn tells him that she knows all about Liam trying to get the line dropped. Liam now knows better as long as they can get the diamond. Quinn knows they will.

Hope finds Wyatt and hands him some papers to keep him out of trouble while they are on the jet. Hope is very excited. Wyatt believes it is ground breaking. Hope and Wyatt make a joke. Wyatt thinks this will change their lives forever.

Brooke makes her bed and finds Katie at her door and claims she is glad to see her. Katie can tell that Brooke and Bill have had sex.

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