B&B Tuesday Update 9/24/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/24/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope cannot believe that Steffy actually agreed to the anulment. Liam explains that Steffy must have just had a change of heart. Liam tells Hope and Brooke to get going on the wedding so they can be married already.

Wyatt does not think that Hope will go to Mexico with him. Quinn tells him to sell it. Quinn believes that the diamond could bring the two of them together.

Hope is so happy that it really is happening this time. Liam cannot wait. Liam thinks that all the obsticals just makes them even more better. Liam is going to make there lives meaningful every day. Flashbacks are shown of the two having happy moments in the past. Brooke is so happy to see the both of them so happy and cries tears of joy. She wants them to have grandchildren. Hope wants the wedding first. Hope needs to get to work. Liam says he will come by later and get her some coffee. Brooke asks Liam to stay and help heer with details. Hope leaves and Liam tells Brooke to get them married so nothing else can happen between them.

Wyatt is shocked that Quinn wants to have Hope and Wyatt together. Quinn believes that she actually is a good person after getting to know her. Hope needs to see what the chance of Wyatt would be like. Quinn just needs her friend to get the diamond on loan. Quinn tells him that this will be great for the company and the future. Wyatt agrees.

Liam believes that Vegas would not be a bad thing in this case. Brooke believes they should have a good wedding. Brooke believes that she can keep it as an option as long as it is not a drive by wedding chapel. Liam is happy that Brooke will be her mother in law. Brooke is too. Brooke wants her daughter to not have to go through anything else though. Liam explains he will always care about Steffy but Hope is his girl and he understands Brooke has the right to doubt but that he is luck to be able to get Hope and will not screw this up. Brooke tells Liam that Wyatt has intentions to steal Hope. Liam is so sick of Wyatt.

Quinn and Wyatt thank Eric for seeing them on such short notice. Eric asks if Hope is on her way and Wyatt says she should be there in a moment. Hope says sorry that she was late and tells Eric that Steffy said yes to the annulment. Eric is very happy over this. Hope asks why she is here. Wyatt tells Hope they are going to get her a diamond.

Liam now understands how Hope must have felt for years dealing with Steffy. Liam does not like that he has to deal with Wyatt now. He wants to get married right away only because they should. Brooke explains that Hope is not romantically interested in Wyatt. Liam knows that nothing can stop them now.

Hope is shocked to hear this. Wyatt tells Hope that they want to make a contribution and they have the most famous diamond in the world. Wyatt wants to get this diamond on loan. Wyatt believes that they can get this on display at the boutique. Eric likes it but does not think that it would be easy to get. Wyatt says they could pay for security. Hope and Eric are amazed by the diamond. Wyatt tells Hope to come with him to get the diamond.

Liam asks how quickly Brooke can pull this wedding out. Brooke laughs asking how quick she can make it happen. Liam wants it to happen right away then. Brooke wants to. Liam does not think that Brooke sounds confident. Brooke tells him not to screw up because he will loose Hope this time. Brooke does not want Liam to do something stupid. Liam understands but he knows what he wants and does not want to spend his life with anyone else. He loves that Hope has waited to marry him. He is ready.

Hope is shocked about Wyatt's propsol. Hope thinks that Wyatt can convince the dealer on his own. Quinn explains they need influence. Quinn tells her that Liam should understand that it is buisness. Eric agrees that Hope should be the one to see it. Hope confirms it is just a meeting. Hope decides she will go. Eric calls the pilot. Quinn walks over to Wyatt and tells him that is brilliant. This is where his life with Hope starts.

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