B&B Monday Update 9/23/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/23/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope asks if Wyatt has any idea what he is asking. Hope has been trying to marry Liam forever and now Steffy signed the papers. Wyatt asks Hope to give it a few months.

Bill asks Liam how he found out about the annulment being signed. Bill hopes that it was not too hard on Steffy but not Liam as well. Liam will treasure his time with Steffy, but he has to admit that Hope should have given up on it by now. Liam cannot believe that Hope is not growing on Bill now. Bill wants to make sure that Hope will make Liam happy.

Wyatt tells Hope not to rush down the aisle at her young age. Wyatt does not think that Liam just wants to turn the page so quickly. Hope does not want to know. Wyatt tells Hope that there is something between them, and they need to give it some time to see where it can go. Wyatt smiles as Hope looks confused.

Brooke wonders if Wyatt knows about Hope and Liam's history. Quinn asks if the divorce is even final. Brooke says it will be a few months. Quinn explains that things like that can change. Quinn is very proud of Wyatt and wonders if Hope can say the same. Quinn knows she now has offended Brooke. Brooke understands but Hope is in love with Liam. Quinn asks if it is possible for a woman to love two men at the same time.

Liam is not going to disappoint Hope again. Bill wants Liam to take some time. Liam just wants to say his vows and get on with it. Bill wonders if he is afraid Steffy might appear. Liam is concerned about Wyatt trying to get with Hope.

Brooke tells Quinn that Pam cannot find Eric or Rick. Quinn explains that she leaves her business to Wyatt, which is why she is not concerned. Quinn would love to hear about Hope for the Future a little bit more. Brooke explains that Hope has made a huge difference for many young people. Brooke explains that Hope and Liam have been in love since the moment they met. Quinn believes Wyatt can do the same thing Liam can do for Hope.

Wyatt tells Hope to tell him that she has no feelings, and he will walk away. Hope does not believe that will happen. Wyatt believes that Hope is stalling. Hope believes that she is different than Wyatt. She wants children and a career which Wyatt does not. Wyatt explains she can have all that with him, and he will eat whatever unlike Liam. Wyatt is not going to stop until Hope puts things on hold. Hope cannot go through that again. She cannot go through that with Liam. Wyatt asks about the life they could have. Wyatt thinks he can do things that Liam can't. Hope does like Wyatt. Wyatt understands that she is going to marry Liam anyway. Hope says sorry and kisses him. Wyatt tells Hope that Liam better have a clue how lucky he is. The two hug.

Bill tells Liam that Wyatt is just going after what he wants but has no chance at Hope. Liam knows that but wants to just make Hope is happy and that is it.

Wyatt looks at a necklace and stares at a picture of Hope. He has flashes of Hope in his head. Quinn runs in telling Wyatt that everything is perfect. Quinn explains they both have security passes and this is all possible because of him. Quinn tells Wyatt that Brooke is a lovely woman, and she heard a lot of great things about Hope. Wyatt tells Quinn that Steffy signed the annulment papers. Wyatt tells her not to get too attached to this.

Brooke says that she was not expecting much but Quinn is actually interesting. Brooke says that Quinn was all over Wyatt and Hope. Hope tells Brooke that Steffy signed the papers, and they can get married right away. Brooke hugs Hope. Hope is shocked over Brooke's happy expression. Brooke is so happy. Hope tells Brooke about Wyatt asking for a chance. Liam walks in asking if she told Brooke. Liam asks if Brooke can plan the wedding. Liam promises Hope an everlasting marriage. Hope kisses and hugs Liam.

Quinn tells him that cannot happen. Wyatt knows that this can all be taken away. Quinn wonders if Hope can fall for Wyatt quickly. Quinn believes there is something they can do. Quinn mentions a diamond called the Hope Diamond. Quinn wants Wyatt to get the diamond because it would change the future forever.

Liam kisses Hope.

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