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Written By Rachna
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Brooke is shocked to hear that Bill is having Katie followed. Bill justifies his behavior by saying Katie took his son out of state and hasn't contacted him so he has to track her. He says Katie is lucky he's not having her arrested because he's not sure what she's capable of anymore. Brooke says he can be sure that she wouldn't hurt Will but Bill looks doubtful. Liam comes to see Hope because she asked him to lunch. When he gets there Hope tells him that somehow Wyatt found out about how she tried to cancel his and his mother's Hope for the Future contract. She tells Liam that Wyatt said he'd rip up the contract and walk away if she wanted that. Liam is happy at the news until Hope tells him that she doesn't want Wyatt to leave and she told him that. Hearing that, Liam looks very shocked and disappointed in Hope.

Wyatt tells his mother that he told Hope that she could tell him to leave and he would. Quinn asks why they are still working on their contract then and Wyatt says it's because Hope wants them to. He says Hope cares for him. Quinn sighs and looks worried at how he's talking about Hope. Bill mopes about having to deal with a sex scandal and Brooke tells him she's dealt with those before. She tells him men recover from such scandals faster than women though so if he wants to go back to Katie she understands. She says if that is what he wants though. 

Liam asks Hope if something Wyatt said made her change her mind but she tells him he was being genuine about leaving if she asked him to. Confused, Liam asks why she didn't then. He says it would have meant a lot to him. Hope says because that still doesn't make it right. Liam says that is not what she said to him last night. Hope makes Liam upset when she says she only went along with what he said last night because she was trying to prove her feelings for him which she doesn't have to prove. 

Quinn is stunned to hear that her son was able to change Hope's mind. When Wyatt says Hope never wanted to fire them she reminds him that Hope did go to Eric. Wyatt says that was only to keep the peace and she didn't mean it. Wyatt insists that Liam is a bully and he's not right for her. He says he's perfect for Hope because he gives her something Liam never can. He tells his mom that she's the one for him, it's always been her and now Hope knows it too. Quinn just sighs. 

Bill tells Brooke that he's not going anywhere. Brooke looks happy to hear how he refuses to let her go. Bill tells Brooke he loves her and she says she loves him too. Bill and Brooke reaffirm that they are going to have a future together after Bill says that he only regrets letting Katie down in that their marriage couldn't last. Bill tells Brooke there is a lot of love between them, love and broken heartedness. He says while it's not his strong suit, it's going to take some time and patience till things get to be the way they want them to be. Brooke and Bill kiss while smiling at each other.

Quinn is about to take the jewelry she designed down to Brooke but Wyatt asks to do that. Quinn lets him take it and asks him if he knows if Brooke is in the office yet. He asks why and Quinn tells him she intends to let her know that Liam isn't behaving nicely. Wyatt says that isn't necessary and tells his mother that he fully intends to be the one marrying Hope anyway. He says he doesn't know how that's going to happen but it will. Quinn take a long look at her son before saying that she doesn't know if she should be worried about him or happy for him. Wyatt says he prefers happy and Quinn laughs.

Hope asks Liam why he needs her to break the contract. Liam asks if that is a trick question seeing that Wyatt outright told him he was going to stop him from marrying her. Hope brings up how Steffy did the same thing to her for years and she dealt with it. Liam says okay so this is payback but Hope says it's really not. She says she's been loyal to him all this time and asks why he's doubting her now, is it because some other man is paying attention to her? Liam says no it is because Hope is paying attention to Wyatt. Hope says that is because she enjoys having a guy think she's amazing and only thinks that way about her, jabbing Liam about his feelings for Steffy. Liam tells Hope that he already sent Steffy the annulment papers and asks what else he has to do to make her feel better. Hope asks him to not tell her to break her promise to Wyatt and tells him to trust her. Liam gets a text from Steffy and he is about to read it later but Hope asks him to read it now. She says if Steffy is going to drop a bomb on them, they might as well deal with it together.

Liam reads the text and says Steffy is sending back the annulment papers. Hope says well that's not too much of a shock but Liam tells her Steffy signed them and said they will be here tomorrow. Hope is elated at the news but Liam looks a little upset. He says where did his marriage go it was here just a moment ago and Hope realizes he's a little unhappy. She asks him if he needs some time alone and he says no and changes the topic by asking her if she wants to marry him. Hope says of course and hugs him. Wyatt listens in on their conversation from the doorway and is upset when he watches them kiss and hears Hope says she loves Liam and that she is so happy.

Quinn goes over to Brooke's to see her. At first they make small talk before Quinn brings up her son and his forming relationship with Hope. Brooke calls what they have a flirtation and Quinn disagrees. Brooke says well it can't be serious seeing Hope is engaged. Quinn tells Brooke that she is a realist and she has to remind Brooke that sometimes people who are engaged and even those who are married, don't stay that way. Brooke looks caught off guard at her words. Brooke tells Quinn that she thinks Wyatt is misunderstanding Hope. She says Hope is fond of him but that's it. Quinn tells Brooke  that all she's saying is until someone marries Hope she doesn't want Brooke to count Wyatt out.

Bill isn't happy to hear that Steffy signed the annulment papers but Liam tells him to just accept it and not try to change it. Liam tells Bill that he's going to have to learn to accept Hope and him. Bill asks for a moment to adjust as just a moment ago he was married to Steffy. Liam says he knows and tells his dad that he loved Steffy. He says he tried to get her back but she left and compares that to what Katie did to Bill. He reminds Bill that he's been supportive of him and Brooke so Bill should cut him some slack. He asks Bill to be on his side and he'll be on his. Liam tells his dad that he wouldn't trade the time he had with Steffy for anything but now his heart feels like it's finally home because he's with Hope.

Wyatt comes in with Quinn's designs for Hope and gives them to her before telling her not to marry Liam. He asks Hope if she's sure about wanting to marry Liam and Hope says it is what she has wanted for so long. Wyatt says that is not what he asked. Wyatt says that it has never been right between Liam and her where it's always been right between him and her. He says she feels it between them, he knows she does. He asks for some time to show Hope how it can be between them. He tells her not to marry his brother. Hope stares back at him saying nothing.

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