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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/19/13


Written By Rachna
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Liam tells Hope that he thinks they should talk. She tells him they will after he finishes his breakfast shake. Hope kisses Liam and Liam pulls her into his arms and keeps kissing her making her giggle. Quinn thinks about her kiss with Eric as Wyatt walks in. He notices she's working on the same design that she has been for a while now so he asks her if she's been working on something else. Quinn says she was at Eric Forester's house last night. Wyatt asks her what she was doing there and Quinn says protecting their contact. She says she should have known though that a man like Eric wouldn't back out of a contract just because Hope's fiancée didn't like it.

Rick sees Eric putting Stephanie's picture back on the wall and asks what he did to make her come down again. Eric laughs and says nothing. He says he was home last night. Rick asks if he was alone but Eric says no he wasn't making Rick curious. Eric tells Rick that it was Quinn that came over. When Rick leans that Quinn kisses his dad last night he says things are complicated enough with this partnership for something like this to happen but Eric tells him that Hope and Wyatt will have to sort themselves out. He tells Rick that Hope came over wanting to negate the contract and he told her he wasn't going to do that. Rick is surprised.

Wyatt is stunned to hear from his mother that Hope came to Eric on Liam's request and asked him to cut their contract. Quinn tells him she overhead the whole conversation. Wyatt is at a loss for words at the news. Liam is initially happy to hear that Hope told Eric to break the contract with Wyatt and Quinn but disappointed when she tells him that Eric said no and that Wyatt and Quinn are not going anywhere.  

Rick expresses disappointment in Hope for wanting to cancel working with a vendor that she herself selected. He says they have spent way too much time and money re-branding her line already. Eric says he talked to her about that but Rick says this is Liam's fault. Eric says Liam's name never came up in the conversation but Rick says that Liam is responsible for this. Eric assures Rick that whatever the issues is it is not going to become a problem for Forester. 

Quinn takes great amusement in telling her son how when Hope asked Eric to turn down the contract to them he said no. Wyatt asks if she turned on that Fuller charm and she says she doesn't know but Eric refused to negate their deal. She looks pleased and Wyatt looks very happy with that as well. Hope tells Liam that he gets why Eric said no; it looks bad to go back on your word and break a contract. Liam tells Hope he loves her for trying and she says it is just business. Liam says yes even if it is bad for them. Hope says that if Wyatt and Quinn linked with Forester then it would be huge for them. She says but she asked for the contract to be taken back because she didn't want any drama between them. Laughing bitterly Liam says that causing problems between them is just what Wyatt wants to do. Hope thinks he's being paranoid but Liam tells her that that is what Wyatt said to him, to his face. Liam sighs and says he guesses all they can do is just not let him get to them until he can marry her. He says it is taking longer than he wants but it will happen. Hope smiles at Liam. 

Quinn talks to Wyatt about how impressed she was with Eric's house. She says the Foresters don't live like normal people and that they are like royalty. She says that Eric started out just like them and look at him now. She says good things could happen for them. Wyatt stops her by asking what if Hope had convinced Eric to end the contract then where would they be? She says it doesn't matter because that didn't happen but Wyatt says it isn't right and walks out. Quinn asks him where he's going but Wyatt just leaves.

Eric tells Rick that he's really looking forward to working with Quinn because she's a fascinating woman. He says she's full of passion for her work and her family. He says she reminds him of himself when he was in his early years building Forester, he was so full of ambition and was fighting to make his mark. Rick has fun teasing his dad about his possible feelings for Quinn. Liam finally leaves for work after telling Hope that they are going to figure this out. When he leaves Hope reflects on what Liam said about Wyatt wanting her and right then Wyatt comes in. Hope is surprised to see him. Wyatt tells Hope that he's a straight up guy. He tells her to be honest with him, if she doesn't want to do the deal with his mother and him then they will end it. He tells her and if she wants him gone, he's gone. Hope doesn't look happy to hear that. 

Quinn runs into Eric at the office who tells her he was just thinking about her. Eric talks about Quinn's design for her necklace piece and says he likes where it's going and says it's interesting while looking at her from the corner of his eye making it obvious he is talking about her. Quinn smiles in an excited way and says she likes where this is going too. Quinn thanks Eric for all he's done for her before trying to apologize about the kiss last night. He asks her if she's upset about it but she says no she's just embarrassed. He asks her if she would like to take it back and when she says yes he kisses her again. When he pulls away they both smile at each other.

Wyatt tells Hope that if he makes her uncomfortable and if she wants him gone then just say the word. He tells her to say it and that if she does say it this will be the last time she sees him. Finding Hope silent Wyatt makes up his mind and says he'll rip up the contract. He says his mother and him will just walk away and pretend none of this ever happened. He turns to go as Hope thinks about her memories with him fondly. She tells him to stop and tells him that she doesn't want him to go anywhere and that she will carry through with the contract. Wyatt says his mother will be glad to hear her say that. He smiles and says but nobody is happier than he is and hugs Hope. He moves to kiss her but Hope stops him. Wyatt says he only was trying to say thank you and Hope laughs but looks at him longingly. 

Liam picks up the proofs from Pam's desk and leaves. Quinn watches him go and whispers that Liam made a big mistake messing with her son.

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