B&B Wednesday Update 9/18/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/18/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn shows up at the Forrester mansion and thinks about Hope and Liam's conversation about getting rid of the deal.

Eric tells Thorne to enjoy himself as he gets ready for his dinner.

Wyatt asks where Quinn is. Quinn tells Wyatt that she is trying to fix something. Wyatt hangs up and Liam cannot believe he is there.

Eric opens the door for Quinn.

Brooke comes to see Hope and Brooke explains that Katie left with Will for New York. Brooke asks about the meeting with Quinn and Wyatt. Hope says that it was  great except for Liam wanting her to cut all ties with Wyatt.

Eric asks if Quinn will join him for a glass of wine. Quinn thanks him again for the opportunity.

Brooke tells Hope that Liam cannot do that. Hope know that but Liam is jealous.

Wyatt tells Liam it must be weird for him. Liam tells Wyatt that this is not strange. Wyatt explains that Bill forgave him and that he is the only one who still does not like him. Wyatt asks Liam for a hug. Liam stares at him.

Eric and Quinn toast to the new opportunities. Quinn thinks he has a beautiful home. Quinn notices Stephanie's picture. Eric explains that it is Stephanie and that the first time he kissed another woman in this house, it came crashing down. Quinn cannot believe that. Eric remembers what Stephanie said about bluebirds. Quinn hopes that she is not interrupting him and Taylor. Eric explains she is in France with her daughter. Quinn makes the connections and Eric says that it is very complicated.

Brooke wonders if Liam is right and Hope has feelings for Wyatt. Hope does not have feelings but now she feels bad that she may have to back out. She thinks the designs are great though. Brooke likes Liam but he has hurt her before.

Wyatt knows that Liam is threatened by him. Wyatt knows all about how he was played for years by him. Wyatt did not even need to be told about this to figure it out. Hope needs someone who is committed. Wyatt wonders how he would feel if Liam would went back to Steffy right now. Wyatt knows that he only went back to Hope when Steffy went back to Paris. Liam does not care. Liam loves her and that is it. Wyatt explains they will have to wait and see. Liam tells Wyatt not to get too comfortable. Wyatt asks if he is threatening him. Liam says that it is not his choice for the line. Wyatt tells him not to interfere. Liam says that is funny and explains that Forrester has an out clause for its contracts. Wyatt knows that Liam wants him out of his world. He knows that he never had any competition. Wyatt scares him because his perfect little world is now over because now he has competition and he will not be going.

Quinn believes she has a great team but it is mostly just Wyatt and her. She is happy that they can finally move to the next level. Quinn has read a lot about him over the years. She was shocked that Eric is not tough and mean. She asks how he manages to do this. Eric tells her that Stephanie is how he was able to do it. Eric knows that it is not easy to be a designer. Quinn knows that Hope deserves most of the credit but he is the CEO and deserves a lot of credit.

Hope needs to do what is right for everyone. She wonders what she has to do. Brooke wonders what she will have to do. Hope knows that she may be disrespecting Liam. Hope loves Liam and knows she has to break the contract. Brooke understands if that is what she has to do. Hope has to go talk to Eric.

Wyatt is not going to back off. Liam should be willing to fight. Wyatt is interested in his fiancÚ and he is not going to hide it. Wyatt might leave him alone if Liam treated him better. Wyatt knows that it is her choice not his. Wyatt explains that when Hope says I do, he is not going to do anything, but until then it is free game.

Quinn has never worked with a company with a stellar name. Eric gets a knock at the door and it is Hope. Hope says she needs a minute to talk. Hope tells Eric she needs to change his mind about the company. Eric believes that it is not possible now. Eric tells her no because they made a commitment. Eric say that Forrester is the best because they work with the best. Hope understands. Eric thinks in the end this will work out. Hope will see her tomorrow. Quinn thanks him. She kisses Eric and the picture of Stephanie falls. Eric tells her he said so. The two laugh.

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