B&B Tuesday Update 9/17/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/17/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Carter explains that it must not be easy for Rick to find out that they are engaged. Maya knows they had to tell him some time. Carter tells her to do what she has to do. Maya thanks him.

Rick paces back and forth outside Maya's apartment and Maya walks out telling her to wait.

Wyatt tells Quinn about how Bill and him are on good terms again. Quinn asks him to be careful after what happened last time. Wyatt knows to look out for that. Pam offers them lemon bars but they turn her down. Quinn tells Wyatt to not come off to strong. Wyatt agrees.

Hope and Liam kiss and Hope says she has her meeting. Quinn and Wyatt walk in and Wyatt asks if Liam is leaving. Liam tells him he plans to stay. Hope tells everyone to act professional. Eric walks in and introduces himself to Quinn. Caroline introduces herself as Wyatt's cousin. Wyatt is happy to have a new realative who works at the company as well. Liam tells him not to get to comfortable. Hope asks what Liam is doing. Liam explains he is leaving and goes. Hope closses the door and looks at Wyatt who looks back. Eric explains that he is very happy to be working with them both and Hope especailly is their biggest supporter.

Maya tells Rick that she makes sense with Carter. Rick tells Maya that they were fantastic. Maya believes that it was a fairy tale. Maya did not cheat on Rick like Rick cheated on her. She is not angry at him and she wishes the best for him but he is to find it with Caroline because it can not be with her.

Eric says that Quinn and Wyatt will be working with himself, Rick, Caroline, and Hope. They are two make Hope happy because she has final say. Hope tells them that at first they will go with the original designs but later they will make them go with the outfits more. Hope wants everything. Rick gives them the initial order. Wyatt and Quinn are shocked. Wyatt likes the challange. Quinn tells them they will not let them down. Wyatt promises.

Rick wants to know if Maya is serious. Rick asks if they could possibly start over. Maya believes they are to different. Maya knows that Rick did something good for her. Maya believes that Rick belongs with Caroline and that she belongs with Carter.

Quinn explains to Eric that it will all work out. Eric is glad to work together but that Hope will be the one they should talk to. Quinn and Wyatt are very excited. Hope walks them out and Liam is spying and feels sad.

Caroline tells Eric that she is worried about her and Rick. She believes they are in a good place but Rick still feels for Maya she worried. She is trying to be realistic. She wonders if it will always be that way.

Rick thinks about the time he spent with Maya. Rick tells Maya that he really does love her and Maya says she loves him back. They kiss but Maya tells him to be happy. Rick says the same to her. Rick walks off and Maya looks as he goes away.

Liam believes that Hope and him are going to have to deal with this eventually. Liam wants to know about why Hope would hire him. Hope did not hire him but his mother. She is doing nothing wrong. Liam thinks it gets worst by the day. Liam wants Hope to drop the deal with Wyatt.

Rick finds Caroline and she explains he missed the meeting. Caroline says it went well she met her cousin. Rick wants to take him out to lunch. Caroline wonders if he was with Maya. Rick explains she is engaged. Caroline is shocked. Rick tells her that Maya says they were two different to work. Caroline believes they work better together but is sorry she is sad. Rick is greatful that Caroline is there for him again. The two hug.

Maya comes back inside and Carter kisses her. Maya kisses back and takes off Carters shirt. She touches his chest. Carter un does Maya's shirt as well and the two continue to kiss passionatly on the couch.

Quinn and Wyatt can't wait for their years of hard work to pay off. Quinn goes back to get her purse.

Hope is not changing her mind. Liam believes legal could find a loop hole. Hope believes that Liam is being untrusting. Quinn over hears. Liam does not want him around. Hope tells him the deal is locked. Liam believes she can change her mind. Liam thinks that the truth would work that it is about there relationship. Quinn closes the door as Liam tells her it is about their relationship and their future. Quinn does not know what to do.

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