B&B Monday Update 9/16/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/16/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Carter asks Maya to marry him. Maya looks at a script but Carter tells her this is for real and be his roommate for life.

Caroline asks Rick about a neckline. Rick tells her that it needs to be lower for the necklace. Caroline has Pam note this. Pam tries to get people to notice her necklace. Caroline tells her it is stunning so she will stop talking about it.

Bill cannot believe that Katie is leaving. Bill thinks this confirms things though. Brooke wants to know what. Bill walks over to Brooke and passionately kisser her. Brooke walks away and cannot believe that Bill is away from his son still. Bill tells her not to feel guilt and that this is not her fault.

Models show off clothes and Rick thanks them. He asks Pam to put in an order. Pam asks if she can borrow a necklace for the night. Rick tells her to go for it. Pam walks away. Caroline is so happy that things are finally on track. Caroline and Rick kiss.

Maya is shocked to hear this. Carter knows it is out of the blue but he wants her as his wife. He knows they may have to wait but he will not be the rebound guy. He is confident. He used to think marriage was not for him but no he is ready. He is up for it now because of Maya and he finally gets marriage. Carter asks if Maya wants a man who will appreciate her for what she is. Maya says yes and giggles and hugs Carter.

Caroline explains she is ok with Maya being the face of the campaign and Rick should be too. Rick just wishes that Maya did not resign. He did not want her to do that. Caroline thinks she will find other work. Rick just wonders how she is doing.

Carter and Maya look at each other and Carter kisses Maya. Carter realizes that he did not get on his knee. Maya explains that it's fine and it's great other than the fact that she did not get the ring yet. Carter knew that Maya was the right woman for him the first time he saw her. Maya and Carter kiss.

Brooke asks if Bill is going to follow Katie. Bill is not going to do that because he has to let Katie be on her own. Brooke believes this is her fault. Bill has seen this a hundred times and knows that Katie does this to much. Brooke just wishes she would be forgiven. Brooke sits down and Bill sits next to her explaining that it could happen. Bill tells her she did nothing wrong. The two hug. Brooke explains that seeing Katie leave she just feels responsible. Bill does not believe that anything is wrong. Bill wants Brooke.

Rick thanks Caroline for being so understanding. Caroline is more than ok. She does not want to change anything right now and would like to faze out Maya eventually, but things are fine right now. Rick knows now that Caroline is right for him. Caroline looks at the picture of Maya and frowns.

Carter explains that he meant what he said about taking time. He knows how Maya felt about Rick and understands. He however will give Maya everything. Maya wants a man who will stand by her and her career. She thought it was Rick but now knows it was actually Carter.

Brooke thinks that Katie may have been right about how quickly this is happening. Bill asks if she wishes it was different. Brooke says no but Bill is not even technically divorced. The two kiss again. Bill takes off his shirt and kisses Brooke while laying on top of her.

Caroline looks at the jewelry and goes through a file but she cannot get over the picture of Maya. Pam walks in explaining she has to get ready for the next meeting. Pam explains that only Rick is going to miss the next meeting. Caroline thinks that is a bit weird. Pam wonders if Caroline is worried. Caroline says she is not.

Maya is so happy that about this and thinks that it could get them some publicity. Carter agrees and the two kiss again. Maya takes Carters shirt off as they kiss. Someone knocks on the door. Rick asks if she is home. Rick asks if they can talk. Rick notices the ring on her finger and looks terrified especially when Carter comes to the door.

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