B&B Friday Update 9/13/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/13/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt stares at Bill but doesn't take his hand. Bill says he is his father and would like a chance to act like it. Bill asks if they can start over and Wyatt agrees. Bill hugs his son. Brooke tells Katie she can't leave but Katie tells her she has no say in this. Brooke says she misses her and wants to get past this but Katie she knows that. She says she knows Brooke expects her to forgive her because that is what they have taught her; every time she does something despicable and hurts someone she supposedly cares for, they forgive her and tell her it's not her fault. Katie says but it is her fault. Her and Bill made a choice to betray her and no amount of her crying can change that. Brooke looks sour.

Maya finds Carter in her home with dinner prepared for her. He tells her Dayzee let him in because he told her they were celebrating. Maya says are we and Carter says big time before popping open a bottle of  champagne. Maya looks excited. Carter tells Maya that they are celebrating their future since Room 8 is doing very well and they might get another season. Maya says that's great news seeing she is jobless. Carter asks her if she has any regrets about leaving Forrester and Rick. Maya says only that she didn't realize sooner that Caroline was more Rick's type. Carter says he tried to warn her and Maya says she knows before they clink glasses as Carter toasts looking forward.

Bill tells Wyatt that Brooke helped him see how similar they are. He says he knows Wyatt has his issues with him and Brooke. Wyatt says Brooke helped him see it too and now they are talking again. He says he can see why he fell for Brooke and Bill nods approvingly. Katie tells Brooke that she can spin this any way she wants and try to justify it but she did not force her to sleep with her husband. She tells Brooke to tell herself whatever she wants to but she's not having any of it. She says she doesn't have to have anything to do with Brooke anymore. Brooke looks shocked. 

Bill talks to Wyatt about Spencer and says he can still hire whoever he wants to not that Katie would have any issue with him coming on board. Wyatt says he'd love to work at Spencer, just down the line instead of now. Bill asks why not now and Wyatt tells him his mom has a contract with Hope and he wants to honor that. Bill says he admires that he wants to commit to his word before asking if he's ready for such a big contract with Forrester. Wyatt says he will be before thanking Bill for reaching out to him instead of turning away after he yelled at him. They share a hug. Maya and Carter continue enjoying the romantic celebration. Carter says this night is all part of Room 8 as he's tried his hand at writing an episode. He asks her if she'll act it out with him. Maya smiles at Carter.

Brooke tells Katie that she's never going to see how Bill and her do and Katie says that's right, she won't. Brooke  tries to manipulate Katie by starting to say she just wishes but Katie shuts her down saying no, she won't and she will never see her as the sister she loved or as someone she trusted. She says Brooke ruined that. Katie turns away from Brooke and snaps that she got what she wanted, Bill moved in with her and yet the crying continues. Katie says she is the one who is mourning her marriage and yet Brooke is crying. She orders Brooke to stop crying and embrace who she is. Bill arrives and tells Katie that they need to get past this. Katie says she can tell the two of them have but she doesn't need to do anything. Bill says they should talk like adults and like parents. Katie asks him what he'd like to say. Bill says he wants to come over and see Will tonight but Katie tells him that Will and her are leaving L.A. tonight. Bill looks caught off-guard at the news.

Bill tells Brooke he's going to need a moment alone with Katie. When Brooke leaves Bill asks Katie where she thinks she's going with Will. Like Brooke, he tries to get answers out of Katie but all she tells him is that she intends to be the most powerful, successful, independent woman she can be without him. Bill does not look pleased. Brooke takes Will from the lady Katie left him at and says the timing couldn't be more perfect to herself. Bill asks Katie if she's trying to hurt him by doing this. Katie tells Bill it doesn't matter anymore. She tells him to take Brooke until she's done with him like she is and then he'll have what he deserves; nothing. 

Bill insists that Brooke and him are together for good but Katie reminds him how Brooke never stays with one man. She says and maybe when Brooke moves on to the next guy he will realize what he had with her and lost. She says maybe then he will understand that she was the only one who ever truly tried to make him a better man and maybe when Brooke leaves him he'll want her back. She tells him to enjoy what he has with Brooke though, the lingerie and the giggles because life with Brooke is like a carnival. She says but sooner or later Donna will have a boyfriend and Brooke will start batting her eyes at him. She says or there is always Liam and now Wyatt. Bill tells her to stop suggesting Brooke would be interested in his sons that way but Katie keeps going  saying that maybe Ridge will come back, in any case he will soon just be another name on Brooke's list. Katie tells Bill that she knows he doesn't believe her but he should remember this conversation because that day will come. Bill says she's trying to hurt him. He rudely tells her he doesn't care what she thinks about Brooke and him and says she will not take his son from her. Katie looks angry.

Carter and Maya rehearse the script and at the end of the scene Carter takes out a diamond ring and proposes to Maya. Maya is stunned but doesn't look unhappy that he wants to marry her.

Bill asks Katie when she will be back. Katie says she will call him when she gets home. Seeing Bill looking annoyed at her answer, Katie tells him that he thought it was going to be so easy swapping her for Brooke. She says it is not that easy and there are consequences. She says there is a baby involved. She asks Bill what he thinks a judge will say about this. She says when the judge hears that he left a woman who is a heart-transplant patient, one who battled postpartum depression and gave him a baby even though it could have killed her for her sister, there is no question about what the ruling will be. She says and he'll be lucky if he ever gets to see his son again. Brooke brings Will in and Katie lets Bill hold him one last time before she takes him, leaving Bill on the verge of tears and Brooke to comfort him. 

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