B&B Thursday Update 9/12/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/12/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt tells Hope that when she wears her wedding dress he intends to be the man standing next to her in a tuxedo saying he is more than serious about marrying her. Hope looks stunned at his words. Brooke asks Bill if reuniting the family isn’t what he wants after the kiss. Katie gets a visit from Caroline who asks how she’s doing. Katie says she is well and asks her how she is. She says things are going well and Katie says she heard about her success with the re-branding of the Hope for the Future line. She asks why she came and Caroline says she’s just checking in. Katie asks if she saw Bill and if he was with Brooke. Caroline says no he was alone but he was in Brooke’s bedroom. Katie looks angry.

Caroline apologizes for saying that but Katie says it’s good to be reminded why she’s divorcing him. She asks her if Bill asked her to talk to her and Caroline says she’s neutral in this. She says she knows Katie is hurting and the two talk about what an egomaniac Bill is and how he should be taught a lesson for how he hurts people. 

Brooke says she wants to be close to Wyatt and he is just angry because he was being loyal to Katie and her baby. Bill seems angry with his son for supporting Will over him and saying he was going to abandon him. Brooke says he won’t abandon Will no matter what happens with Katie. Bill kisses Brooke and thanks her for reaching out to his son. Brooke looks pleased and says of course, family means a lot to her. She says Liam understands their feelings but Hope and Wyatt don’t but they will eventually because they will make them.

Hope asks Wyatt if he’s serious about marrying her but then says she’s not having such a conversation with him because he’s crazy. Wyatt keeps saying she isn’t going to marry Liam but she tells him it’s going to happen this time. Wyatt asks her if it wasn’t romantic how they first met and they remember their first meeting in the forest. Wyatt tells Hope that there is still time for her to change her mind about Liam. Liam walks in seeing Wyatt with Hope again and he sighs looking very annoyed.

Liam and Wyatt have an uncomfortable conversation before Hope says there is something she wants to say to both of them. Liam and Wyatt look at Hope in confusion. Caroline asks Katie if she’s met Wyatt. Katie says yes, he reminds her of Bill in some ways but he’s more sensitive. Caroline says it doesn’t take much to be more sensitive than her uncle then asks how the baby is. Katie says he’s fine. Caroline says he must miss his dad but Katie reminds her that this is not her fault but Bill’s for causing this. Caroline says and Brooke is just as guilty. Katie says she can’t forgive them for what they did but she has to move on. Caroline asks if she’s being able to do that and Katie says yes, in more ways than one. 

Brooke convinces Bill to talk to Wyatt about their falling out. When Bill agrees she smiles at him and kisses him looking happy with how he listens to her. Bill says he wants to hire Wyatt for a job but Brooke tells him that Hope hired him and Quinn as the official jewelry designers for her line. Bill is surprised to hear that news and asks if Hope has something to gain from this before saying he still intends to hire Wyatt. Brooke asks if Katie will allow it and he says he doesn’t really have to ask her since he owns 49% of the company but says she likes him anyway. He tells Brooke he wants it all to work out with his sons and Katie and tells her he wants that because she’s inspired him to make it happen. He praises Brooke for changing his perspective and making him better and happier. Bill and Brooke reminisce about their romance and kiss each other again looking very happy to be together. 

Katie tells Caroline that she has a company to run and a son to raise and she intends to do that on her own terms confusing her. Caroline doesn’t quite understand what Katie means by that. Hope tells Wyatt and Liam that they need to stop competing with each other for her even if it is flattering. She says they need to start getting along or they will have problems with her. Liam doesn’t look happy that Hope didn’t simply tell Wyatt to respect their engagement.

Brooke comes to see Katie. Katie looks annoyed to see her but then tells her that she is glad she came because she has made some plans. Katie tells Brooke that she’s leaving town. She says it’s for business but it should give her and Bill time to do whatever they want to do.  Brooke tries to talk about it but Katie firmly tells her that is all she wanted to say to her. Brooke asks if Bill is going to get Will for the time being then but Katie tells her she is going to take her son with her. Brooke tries to pry about her plans but Katie tells her that she will be gone indefinitely anywhere but here so that she can make a life for her and her son. She says she will still be running Spencer though. Brooke doesn’t look happy. 

Hope makes Liam promise to patch things up with Wyatt for her sake. Liam smiles at her and despite not wanting to agree, he does. Wyatt recalls what he said to his dad about walking out on another son right as Bill arrives to see him. Bill tells Wyatt he overreacted and apologizes for that but tells Wyatt to never to lay a hand on him again. He says what happened is forgotten and says he’d appreciate giving them another go. He holds out his hand to Wyatt and asks him what he says. Wyatt stares back at Bill but says nothing. 

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