B&B Wednesday Update 9/11/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/11/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam tells Wyatt that he can get where Wyatt's jokes come from. Liam explains that he likes to be a good person. Wyatt does not see that seeing he was kicked out. Wyatt thinks Liam is just a prince that does not know what he has.

Brooke wonders if there is another reason that Liam is upset with Wyatt. Hope does not know. She believes it has to do with Bill. Brooke wonders if it could have anything to do with Hope.

Bill gets his clothes together after a shower. He looks at his finger and notices he has no ring on. Caroline walks in and Bill wants to know why she is there. Caroline explains that she wants to be there for him now that he is a disgrace. Bill does not believe that he is a disgrace. Caroline explains that she is not spying for Karen. Caroline is there for Bill in this situation. She loves him. Caroline is shocked he did not know that. Bill goes to get dressed. Caroline knows that Bill and she have had some ups and downs but Bill has been there for her.

Liam does not think this is how brothers should act. Wyatt gets the Forrester deal papers to sign. Wyatt wonders if Liam came down to force Wyatt into not signing.

Caroline explains she wants to have good things for Bill. She asks why Bill is not at a hotel. Bill says he just lost a job a wife and another kid. Bill wants to be with Brooke. He tells her that if she has a problem with it that she can leave. Caroline says that Brooke is the only reason that she is in LA and hopes that one day she is her mother in law, how she wonders if Katie is out of the picture seeing that with Katie she was only interested in him unlike with Brooke.

Hope likes Wyatt but does not want him as a lover. Hope does not want to be around Bill. She does not like how Bill made Brooke go talk to everyone. Brooke says that she went to talk to Wyatt all by herself. Thomas hands Hope an envelope and it is from Eric. It is revealed to be designs for a wedding dress. Brooke asks if Hope knows about Wyatt's interest in her.

Liam does not feel jealous. He knows that Hope did not choose the line based on Wyatt but was happy because she can get the two of them closer but Liam is not interested in a relationship with Wyatt.

Hope says that Bill comes on with people not even when he is trying. Hope does not understand how Brooke does not agree. Hope thinks that Wyatt is nice but she is living with the only man she wants. She wants Wyatt to be friendly with Liam. She is ok with him being a little interested though.

Liam cannot believe that Wyatt would have treated his father like he did. Liam tells Wyatt that Bill tried extremely hard to be part of Katie's life. Wyatt wanted the baby to have two parents. He did not hear both sides of the story. Wyatt now knows both sides even if the person he learned it from was not objective. Wyatt asks if he should confront Bill. Liam does not know or care.

Bill wonders why Caroline is the only one who cares about him right now. Caroline is shocked that Liam is a bit mad. She has not really met Wyatt either. Bill told him never to think of himself as his son again. Caroline is shocked. Caroline knows about how her grandfather treated Bill.

Brooke comes back later on to see Bill. Bill explains he likes being in her bedroom. Brooke kisses Bill. Brooke tells him that it will take a little time for everyone to adjust and she spoke to Wyatt. Bill knew their was a chance that would happen but thought Brooke would not. Brooke explains that Bill should talk to Wyatt. She told him the whole story for everyone's sake. Brooke asks nicely for him to talk to Wyatt. The two kiss passionately.

Liam makes a phone call telling the person that he misses her. He has been thinking about her a lot saying that it is Steffy. He wants to know if she is coming back. Liam wants to know if Steffy is going to change her mind because the lawyer has some good ideas. Liam wants to know now.

Hope looks at some of the jewelry. Wyatt walks in and she is happy to see him. Wyatt says that he looked over everything and it is already. Hope says that she will get it to Rick and they will send it back. Wyatt sees Hope's bridal gown and explains he has a necklace that will go great for it. Wyatt jokes he is the groom.

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