B&B Tuesday Update 9/10/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/10/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope asks if Liam still wants to marry her. Liam says yes but asks if Hope wants to marry Wyatt. Hope tells Liam she only chose his company because his mother had the best designs. Liam does not like that Wyatt is back in their lives.

Brooke goes to see Wyatt. She admires the jewelry and thinks that they look nice. Wyatt knows that Brooke is there to talk about Bill and her. Brooke says that he needs to know everything.

Quinn goes to see Katie. Katie asks if they know each other. Quinn explains that she is Wyatt's mother. Quinn knew all about how bad Bill was and that apparently Katie now knows as well.

Hope tells Liam that she was very shocked to find out about the jewelry being from Wyatt's company. Hope does not think this has anything to do with Wyatt liking her.

Quinn tells Katie how Wyatt confronted Bill and, consequently, has been kicked out of the Spencer empire.

Wyatt knows Brooke thinks he is being hard on Bill. Brooke understands but tries to explain that Katie had a baby only after Bill was worried. Wyatt does not care and Brooke should know that the family would be ripped apart. Brooke still believes that she can justify her actions. Wyatt is interested in listening.

Katie should have warned Wyatt about Bill. Quinn thinks she did the right thing. She never thought Bill would be a part of Wyatt's life and it almost cost her him. Quinn believes that when a husband betrays his wife for his sister it is going to follow Will for the rest of his life. Katie explains Brooke has done stuff like this before but that Will should not have to go through life thinking he can be betrayed by his loved ones.

Hope tells Liam that giving up his brother could be a really big mistake. Hope believes that Liam should try to get along with Wyatt.

Wyatt learns that Katie walked out on Bill several times. Brooke explains that Bill wanted to keep the family together because his own father did not care for him. She tells him how Katie was not well at the time but had insecurities. Wyatt cannot believe that Katie left things out. Brooke does love Katie and is sorry for doing what she did. Brooke tells Wyatt that Bill does love him and that he deserves a chance. Wyatt believes that he has blown things with Bill.

Quinn knows all about the gossip of Brooke's past but wonders if it is all true. Katie says it all is. Quinn brings up how she did not like Hope but now she really does, because she did something that could change her life forever.

Liam tries to bring up more about Wyatt. Hope kisses Liam to shut him up. Hope tells him to stop talking, but he will not. Hope asks him to please drop it so they can talk about them. She asks where they should go on the honeymoon. Liam believes anywhere is good.

Brooke explains that Bill admits that he went a bit rough on Wyatt. Brooke wants Wyatt to know that she will not let her relationship get between the two of them. Brooke tells Wyatt that she came on her own account without Bill knowing. Wyatt tells Brooke that Liam kicked him out and does not want him back. Wyatt tells her about how Hope gave Quinn business. Wyatt wants to be with Hope and will be given the chance.

Quinn explains how being associated with FC will make them much a bigger name. Quinn knows all about how Hope is a good person now. Quinn thinks she should probably go see how busy she is. Quinn believes that Katie is dedicated. Katie tells her it was nice meeting her. Katie sits back and frowns.

Hope looks at the jewelry and Brooke comes in. Brooke tells how she just found out about the merger. Hope wants this to work out. Brooke tells Hope how she talked to Wyatt and thinks he has a better understanding. Hope does not want to talk to her about it. Brooke thinks that Hope likes Wyatt.

Liam goes to see Wyatt. Wyatt knows that Liam is there because of the deal. Liam knows that he is not about to get any favors. Wyatt tells Liam he is not going anywhere and this is a huge deal for him right now. Liam understands that but it needs to remain away from Hope. Liam cannot understand why Hope would like Wyatt. Wyatt tells Liam that he will be working close to Hope with Liam still married and working across town.

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