B&B Monday Update 9/9/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/9/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope hopes that Wyatt will work for her. Wyatt does not know. Quinn explains she would be honored.

Liam comes to see Rick and asks if Hope is around. Rick explains that she went to go see a new venture. Rick asks how his divorce is going with Steffy.

Eric and Caroline ask about what Thorne and Thomas think of the new line. Thomas explains that they were wrong about HFTF. Caroline is happy they were able to admit it. She explains she will not hold a grudge against them. Eric could not be prouder. He decides they are done. Thomas tells Caroline that her work is extraordinary. Thorne tells Eric that HFTF is a major money maker. Thorne is sorry that he was against it. Eric is ok with it because everything is ok now.

Liam explains Steffy is going to divorce him. Rick wants to know if it is a fact. Liam explains that he has no intention of bailing on Hope. Liam knows what he put Hope through. Rick knows what it is like to fall for two incredible women.

Wyatt and Quinn are very happy. Hope explains that no other jewelry line spoke to her like Quinn's did. Wyatt thinks that she chose them because it meant spending time with Wyatt. Hope denies it. Hope explains that Rick will contact them with in a few days. Wyatt hopes that Hope will spend some more time with him.

Eric tells Caroline he is really happy and Thomas agrees. Thomas and Thorne leave. Caroline is very happy but asks if Eric doubted them. Eric explains that he did not. He is happy to have her as part of the company. Caroline is happy that she is.

Rick says he is sorry if he has come off as a little strong in the past. Liam completely understands. Liam says that things are on track and that Wyatt is now out of the picture.

Hope is very happy to be on the right track. Wyatt hopes that he is talking about them. Hope says that Quinn will be dealing with the company very soon. Hope sees a bit from the new collection and she really likes it. Quinn thanks her for doing this and leaves to go work. Wyatt says that she has made him very happy. Hope is happy for that. Wyatt means that he gets to see Hope again. She smiles.

Eric tells Caroline that Rick is very lucky to have her. Eric explains that Rick has done a lot worst.

Thomas comes in and shows Rick some of the new pieces. Rick thinks that they are perfect. Liam agrees with him. Rick asks what the name of the company is. Rick finds the name of it and Liam cannot believe it. He changes his mind about what he thinks of the jewelry. Liam cannot believe Hope would choose them. Liam wants him out of his life.

Hope was hoping she would get to see Wyatt again as well. Wyatt tells Hope that Liam is not going to like this. She says that Liam will have to adjust because it is business. Hope and Wyatt make a deal. He kisses her hand instead of shaking and Hope laughs.

Rick walks in to find Caroline telling someone that they need to color-coordinate the outfits. Caroline takes an outfit that Maya is wearing in an ad off the rack before she leaves. Caroline cannot believe that all her dreams are coming true. Rick says that Caroline came through when it mattered most. Rick loves the way that Caroline makes him laugh. She kisses him.

Quinn can see why Hope is a good person. She now knows that Hope is not spoiled. Quinn is happy that Hope can make Wyatt happy and she is perfectly ok with it.

Hope is happy to see Liam. She knows that Liam knows. Hope explains that she had no idea it was his company. She says that this is business. Liam thinks Wyatt will still play games. He says that Wyatt is not moving back in. Liam cannot believe that Wyatt would be hired without asking him. Hope did not think about how Liam would act. She is so happy that Liam is finally jealous and wants only her. Liam tells Hope that the divorce is going swimmingly. She is very excited. Liam tells her they are spending the rest of their lives together. The two kiss. Hope smiles.

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