B&B Wednesday Update 9/4/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/4/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam comes home and Hope tells him that Wyatt is gone and she knows everything that happened. Liam explains that Wyatt lost control. Hope believes he is not the only one. Hope cannot believe that Liam and Bill are actually going to cut out family from his life.

Wyatt asks what Hope thinks. Hope does not believe this. She thinks that Wyatt should just stay. Wyatt will not do that and he is done. He wants Hope to go with him.

Brooke asks what Wyatt said to make Bill angry. Bill explains that he must have been talking to Katie. Brooke cannot believe that everyone is happy for Katie. Bill does not care because it does not change the way they feel for each other.

Hope tells Wyatt she will talk to Liam about this. Wyatt does not want her talking to Liam. Wyatt knows that there is something great going on between them. Hope is not going anywhere because she is engaged. Wyatt thinks it is her loss. Wyatt does not want to be around and knows a big part of the reason that Liam wants him gone is because of the spark the two share.

Brooke does not want this to become ugly. Bill does not care. Brooke does not want Wyatt mad at Bill. Bill does not care what Wyatt thinks because what they have is rare, and he will not let it go. Bill kisses Brooke.

Liam is glad that Wyatt is gone. Hope thinks that he is over reacting. Hope feels responsible for him because they kicked him out. Liam thinks that Wyatt did this to himself. Hope explains that Wyatt has reason to think something different than Liam. Hope asks if Bill should be with Brooke in a perfect world. Liam does not think that is his business. Liam explains that Wyatt was yelling at Bill and deserved to get kicked out. Liam knows that it is a good thing that he is gone.

Quinn folds clothes when Wyatt shows up. Quinn hugs Wyatt the moment he walks in. Wyatt is shocked that Quinn cleaned up. Wyatt explains that he had a system. Quinn assumes that he is there to pick up a few things. Wyatt explains that he actually is not living with Bill and Liam any more. Wyatt explains Liam made him leave. Quinn is sorry. Quinn wonders what they argued about. Wyatt explains it had to do with Bill.

Brooke wonders what she did to make Wyatt so mad. Bill explains it has to do with Katie. Bill knows what he wants and nothing is going to change it. Bill kisses Brooke again. Brooke does not want people to not like them. Bill wishes that Wyatt was more like Liam. Brooke explains that Wyatt is just like his father.

Bill will not let Wyatt treat a father like he did. Brooke does not think that is really the problem. Bill is not going to let anything get between him and Brooke. Bill does not want to talk about this. Brooke will not let him be estranged from Wyatt.

Wyatt does not even want to talk about this. Wyatt knows now that what Quinn said about Bill is true. Wyatt explains to find out that his father is not dead and that his father is a legend but is still a disappointment. Wyatt explains that Bill left his wife and kid for another woman. Quinn thinks that is a bit much. Wyatt could not deal with that and thought that was to much. He did not want that as a father. Quinn thinks that Wyatt should be proud of himself. Wyatt blew it though because he could have had his own ticket as Spencer. Quinn asks about Hope. Wyatt explains that Hope did not want Wyatt to go. Quinn thinks it is for the best.

Hope asks if Liam has really tried to get to know Wyatt. Liam thinks he did and that Wyatt could have been the favorite son. Hope thinks that Liam is being a bit over dramatic. Liam thinks that Wyatt might have a dark side. Liam does not think it worked out. Liam is happy that he got his privacy back. He starts to kiss Hope and she smiles.

Bill thinks that Wyatt is going to have to earn his place now. Brooke believes that Wyatt and Hope will both change their minds after they see the two together. Bill is not sure of that. Brooke kisses Bill. Bill tells Brooke about Liam's issues with Wyatt. Brooke knows about Wyatt kissing Liam.

Wyatt explains that Hope wanted him to stay. Wyatt was not looking for Hope but he is glad she did. Wyatt does not know if he is going to pursue this. Quinn is just glad he is back.

Liam believes that this is like they are just moving in together because everyone is gone. Hope believes that the beginning will start when the divorce is final. Hope and Liam hug each other.

Wyatt sits down and thinks about his times with Hope.

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