B&B Tuesday Update 9/3/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/3/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam has a flashback to confronting Wyatt. Bill walks in his office and tells Liam that he better be working. Liam explains that he kicked him out.

Hope asks why Wyatt is leaving. Wyatt explains that Bill and Liam threw him out. Wyatt explains that Liam is more like Bill than he thought.

Rick and Caroline sit by the pool and talk about the line being a success.

Maya sits in her apartment and thinks about Rick and the break up. Maya has someone at her door, and it is revealed to be Carter. Carter explains the only reason he rushed into work every day was because of Maya and now she is gone. Maya has Carter come in and offers him coffee. Maya does not want to talk about this right now. Carter explains he would like to talk about it if she wants.

Rick rubs Caroline's shoulders. Caroline tells him that he can think about Maya if he wants. Rick does not want to. Caroline hopes that Rick is not worried about Maya. Rick is not worried about her.

Liam thinks that Wyatt is unappreciative. Bill thinks that he treated Wyatt better than he treated Liam. Liam knows but cannot believe that Wyatt would ever do that.

Wyatt does not want to be around a person who would leave his child for another woman. Hope agrees even though it is her mother.

Caroline gives Rick a drink. Rick asks if there is anything that Caroline cannot do. Caroline is using all her skills to take care of Rick.

Maya explains that they did not break up but Caroline ended up in his bed and she had to break up. Carter tells her it is ok and hugs Maya while she cries.

Bill is happy that Liam is working and not doing nothing. Liam cannot believe that Wyatt would do what he did. Bill knows that this is really all about how he treated Wyatt's mother. Liam does not think that Wyatt needs to learn boundaries.

Hope tries to make sense of everything. Wyatt explains that Liam kicked him out of the house. Hope wants to talk about this. Wyatt has nothing else to say to any of them. Hope is on Katie's side and is sick of Bill and his games. Wyatt was warned by his mother. He could not believe that Liam defended him. Hope explains that Liam has changed and is different. Wyatt does not know how this is not the same. Wyatt explains that Bill understands and tried to get him to say sorry for having an opinion. Hope tells him not to leave.

Maya thanks Carter for making her feel better but explains she is going to have to continue this later. It has been to ruff a day. Carter believes that he can make it better. Maya does not answer to this. Carter thinks that Maya is not being loyal to Rick but is being true to herself. Carter believe that Maya belongs with him. Carter kisses Maya and rubs her cheek.

Caroline hopes that Maya was not to hard on Rick. Rick knows he deserved it because she was hurt. Caroline believes that Rick is hurt to but everything happens for a reason. Caroline kisses Rick and lays on him.

Liam wants to know why Wyatt has a problem with all of this now. Bill explains that Wyatt thought he was working this out. Liam thinks that Wyatt wanted money. Bill wonders if he will go back to his mother. Liam does not care as long as he is gone.

Hope does not want him to leave. Wyatt does not want to be around him, Hope hates that Brooke would want to be around a man that. Hope does not want things to end like this. Wyatt knows that Hope liked having him around.

Rick says that he has a few meetings. Caroline says she can handle them. Rick says that she has already done more than he asked her to do. Caroline will do what ever he asks because she loves him so much. Caroline goes back inside. Rick thinks about Maya. Rick cries a little.

Liam knows that Will is important to Bill. Bill believes Wyatt should have left him out of it. Liam is going to go make sure Wyatt is gone.

Hope does not want him to go and wonders if this is the last time she will see him. Hope wonders what it will mean for them. Wyatt wants to know what she means. She is referring to their friendship. Hope asks if he is going to leave LA. Wyatt asks Hope to come with him. He knows something is going on between them. He wants her to come with him.

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