B&B Wednesday Update 8/28/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/28/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope asks Bill and Brooke what is going on. Liam wants to know as well. Bill explains he is living with Brooke and that his marriage to Katie is now officially over.

Katie walks Will around her office explaining this is her office now. Wyatt comes to see her and introduces himself. Wyatt says hello to Will. Wyatt wants to know why Katie is so upset.

Pam puts some files together and Maya walks in asking if she has seen Rick. Pam thinks he is sleeping in and Caroline has not come in either.

Rick wakes up and Caroline walks in with a cup of coffee for him. Caroline kisses Rick.

Pam explains that she was sort not sure of the HFTF relaunch but is happy that it went over well and thinks that Rick and Caroline make one heck of a team.

Rick looks at a bottle of wine and Caroline comes back in the room with some milk for the coffee. Rick thanks her. Caroline thanks her for last night. Rick gets an email and Caroline tells him to check it. Rick has many messages from Maya.

Katie explains that now is not a good time. Wyatt explains that he is not here for Bill. Katie has her assistant take Will. Wyatt says good bye to him. Wyatt hopes that he gets to spend more time with him.

Liam thought that Katie had second thoughts about a divorce. Bill is over Katie and wants a life with Brooke. Brooke hopes that they have their support.

Pam offers Maya a lemon bar but Maya thinks she should go see Rick because of unresolved business.

Caroline does not want Rick to leave, but he has to go take care of some things. Caroline tells Rick that some day he will be CEO of FC, and she will be there the whole way. Caroline loves him so much and kisses him. Rick does not respond.

Bill hopes that the two will support them, because that is what families do. Hope believes that Katie is family. Bill believes that Katie will be fine. Hope wonders if Bill ever thinks about what he does. Brooke tries to stop her. Hope does not want to hear the same old thing about Katie again. Hope knows that Katie was not herself when she said that. Hope wants to know what Brooke is thinking. Bill believes that the problem Hope has is with him trying to keep her apart from Liam.

Katie just wants Wyatt to leave. Wyatt thinks that Katie is kind of cold. Katie does not want to do this right now, because she is mad at Bill and Brooke. She explains that she almost died giving birth to her baby. Katie thought that seeing Will in Bill's arms would do something but that did not work. She tells him about Bill and Steffy and now Bill and Brooke. Wyatt is shocked. Katie welcomes him to the family.

Maya shows up at Rick's, but Caroline says she is too late while she sits down in a towel. Caroline explains that this is exactly what it looks like. Caroline tells Maya that it's over now.

Hope tells Bill not to presume what she is thinking. Hope knows what Bill did. Hope explains that every time Brooke has had people turn on her, she has been there for her, but Brooke is allowed to sleep with Bill when he did something bad. Bill believes Katie did this. Hope tells Bill to look in the mirror, because he is an egocentric jerk. Hope storms off and Liam goes with her.

Katie explains that she could forgive Bill, but he did not want that. Katie believes that Bill has turned his back on his family.

Rick tells Thorne that it is handled on the phone and hangs up. He looks though a file with pictures of Maya in it. Rick thinks about his relationship with Maya. Then he thinks about the night before with Caroline.

Caroline knew it would never work with Rick and Maya. Caroline tells Maya if she was smart that she would focus on acting and go with Carter. Maya will not be done with Rick until he says they are done. She believes them drinking played a big part in this.

Brooke wants to go to Hope. Bill wants to give her some time to show Hope that they are connected. Bill knows they love each other, and it does not matter how it happened. Bill kisses Brooke passionately.

Wyatt believes that Bill is a force and successful. He listened to his mother all those years and thought that he was a good person until now. Wyatt cannot believe that Bill is abandoning Will for Brooke. Katie explains that Brooke has a way with men. Wyatt believes that Will should always come first. Katie is sorry to say that a father would never do what Bill has done. Wyatt is not going to let him.

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