B&B Tuesday Update 8/27/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/27/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick wants to know the truth. He wants to know that what Caroline said was a lie. Maya is sorry but that it is true.

Caroline stands outside the office and Rafael walks over and wants to know what is going on. Caroline explains that she just told Rick and he has been in there with Maya talking ever since.

Hope shows up at home and Liam is happy to see her. Liam does not care how things went and wants to make her happy. Hope explains that it went amazing and that it was huge and above and beyond expectations. The two hug each other and are happy. Liam says he stayed away to keep away from favoritism. The two toast and Hope kisses Liam.

Caroline is nervous about what happened. She thinks that it could go either way. She believes that this could just make the two closer instead of drive them apart. Rafael thinks it is weird for Caroline to care so much about a guy. Caroline knows in her heart that she belongs with Rick.

Rick is shocked. Maya explains that she was just going to tell him. Maya says that the premier was a big deal for her. Maya explains that all they did was kiss and nothing else. Maya let him spend the night on the couch. Rick remembers when Maya let him spend the night on the couch. He wonders if he has to worry about this now.

Rafael tells Caroline to stop pacing. Rafael is emailing Rick some hot stuff from the footage of Room8. Caroline thinks he is a good friend and to wish her luck. She leaves the room. Rafael texts Maya to get to the set right away.

Rick asks if she wants to be with Carter. Maya thought that Rick had blown her off. She wanted to celebrate with him but she never got the messages from Rick. Rick could get passed the idea of this if she would have told him right away. Rick wonders if Maya is not the girl for him. Maya was afraid that what is happening right now would happen. Rick does not want to deal with this right now. Maya does not want him to leave believing they can work this out. Rick does not want to right now.

Liam gives Hope a gift. Hope explains she loves presents. It is a gold necklace. She loves it and she loves him. Hope thinks that things are so much better now than they were. Liam believes it is because she is so persistent. Hope thinks that Liam was worth fighting for. The two kiss again.

Maya shows up at the set and no one but a janitor is there.

Caroline is at Rick's house with wine. She thought that Rick could use a friend. Rick explains that she was right about Maya and Carter. Caroline does not believe that Maya deserves Rick. Caroline kisses Rick.

Maya looks at a picture of Rick. Carter shows up at the studio. Carter asks how it went with Rick. Maya explains that he was angry and upset. She thinks that she may have lost him.

Caroline gives Rick a glass of wine and has him sit down. She rubs his shoulders. Rick explains that when she first told him about Maya he did not think that their was anyway. Caroline thinks she could possibly be wrong about Maya and Carter but she is not sure. Caroline shows Rick the footage of Carter and Maya and does not believe that it is just acting. Caroline knows that she has made plenty of mistakes but she never lost her commitment to him. She would never be unfaithful to Rick and that is what he deserves.

Hope unzips her dress and takes it off. The two start to kiss passionately. Liam lays on top of Hope and kisses her. Hope smiles and continues to kiss her. Hope thinks the best part about this is no one has to leave because they are home.

Carter tells Maya not to worry because Rick is just upset. Carter does not think that it is over. Maya knows that Rick has a history of manipulative women. She should have just been honest. Carter gets a text explaining that Rafael could not make it. Carter asks if she wants to get coffee. Maya says no but thank you. She tells Carter that he is a good friend. Maya cries.

Caroline thinks they have so much reason to celebrate with Hope for the Future. Rick agrees. Caroline reminds Rick of all the fun they used to have. Caroline believes that Maya was a distraction. Caroline believes Maya lied. Caroline starts to take off her clothes explaining she has not even been with another man since they broke up. She says that he is the only man that she wants or needs. She asks for a second chance. She kisses Rick passionately.

Maya continues to cry.

Rick and Caroline continue to kiss.

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