B&B Monday Update 8/26/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/26/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric tells Rick that was not what he expected. Caroline tries to take blame. Thorne tells her not to try to take blame. Thomas and Thorne think that it was an embarrassment. Rick explains he was trying to focus on other markets. Eric would not have done that.

Pam and Donna do not think that it went well today. Pam offers one of the investors her lemon bars, and he thinks it is good. She is able to offer it to everyone after that.

Rafael says that it went sensational. Carter agrees. Rafael tells him not to give up on Maya. Carter thinks about Maya.

Thorne tells Eric that it is time for a change at the top. Rick tells him to put his tongue back in his mouth. Thorne and Thomas want to know what his choice is.

Dayzee thinks this will be Rick's last day. Marcus and Carter sure think it will be after that show. Dayzee feels for Rick. Marcus agrees.

Thorne wants to know what it will be. Eric shows them the orders and they all have huge orders. Eric is very happy with this. Thomas and Thorne thinks that this is impossible. Eric meant what he said that it is not something he would have done but is proud of what he did. Thomas asks about the domestic places. Caroline tells him they will get them. Thorne is upset. Eric congratulates Rick and tells him he is well on his way. Caroline thanks Rick for all his hard work. Maya believes that Caroline did just as much. Maya is so proud of Rick. Rick congratulates and thanks everyone.

Marcus tells everyone that the people are placing orders. Pam thinks that it is all about her lemon bars.

Eric explains that he never experienced that before. He believes Caroline did great as well. He could not be more proud. Rick thanks him and could not be happier. Pam explains that a few buyers would like to toast with a drink. Rick takes a drink and they all toast. Caroline over sees this and is smiling. Caroline has a flashback to Rafael telling her about Maya. Maya stands next to Caroline saying that to day was a victory. Caroline says yes. Maya has not trusted her but she hopes that is all behind them. Maya knows that she still loves him. Caroline implies she knows what she did. Rafael asks if Rick deserves the chance to know. Caroline does not want to spoil this day for Rick.

Thorne and Thomas cannot believe how that went. Thomas believes that Rick just got lucky. The two know that they can't keep doing this. Eric thinks that it was a big step forward. Thorne thinks the opposite. Eric wants the three of them two work together and support Rick.

Maya explains she was so freaked out when no one was responding. Maya is still going to tell Rick the truth. Carter does not think that it is to bad. Maya knows that they did not do anything bad but it is the right thing to do. Maya trusts Rick. Carter wonders if Maya is attracted to him. Maya loves Rick and will not let that happen again.

Rick pours a cup of coffee. Caroline thinks it went well in there. Caroline wants to celebrate but Rick has plans. Caroline really wants to celebrate with him. Caroline thinks that she really screwed up with him. Rick moved on and so can she one day and have a great guy. Caroline explains she has to tell Rick about Carter and Maya. Rick cannot believe that she is doing this. Caroline tells him that Carter spent the night at Maya's apartment. She does not know if anything happened but that he was their.

Maya tells Carter that he is a good man however Rick deserves to know the truth. Maya believes that Rick has been lied to a lot. Carter thinks that the reason they lied is because no one could trust him. Carter explains that if it does not work out he is their for him. Maya walks away.

Caroline says that it is not a lie. Rick thinks that it did not happen. Rick cannot believe that Caroline would ruin this with garbage. He is done. Caroline tells him to ask her himself. Maya walks in and tells him that she is so happy for him. Maya asks what is wrong. Rick explains that the night he missed the premierd he totally screwed up. Rick asks if Maya had Carter spend the night. Rick says they are fine because that did not happen. Maya frowns. Rick begs to know that it did not happen.

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