B&B Wednesday Update 8/21/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/21/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke looks around her room and thinks about Katie telling her that Bill was all hers. She looks at Bill who is asleep in bed and looks worried.

Rick explains that he is changing the name of Hope for the Future to HFTF. Rick says that Hope is completely on board with this. Eric asks if Rick is ready with the relaunch. Rick explains he is. Thomas explains that if this does not work that Thorne becomes the new CEO.

Caroline runs around telling everyone that this show better work out. Carter thinks that Caroline is going a bit crazy. Carter tells her that she should not give up on Rick because he is not giving up on Maya. Caroline is happy for her. Maya walks in and sees them.

Thorne thinks this could be a good time to just drop out, seeing that not many of the usual buyers are even going to show up. Rick cannot believe that Thorne is acting like this and reminds him that they used to call each other brothers. Rick thinks that Thorne has traveled over to team Thomas. Thorne says that revenue can do it to a guy. Eric tells them to stop and that the audience reaction is all he needs to know.

Maya asks if everything is cool with Carter. Carter explains it is. Caroline gets a phone call from Rafael and explains that he needs to talk because it is important. Caroline tells him that she cannot right now because it is the day of the show.

Bill wakes up and tells Brooke to come back to bed. Bill tells her that he has not slept that well in years. Brooke explains she never really went to sleep. Bill kisses Brooke and tells her that she looks beautiful. He asks her what is going on. Brooke cannot get over what she did to Katie. Bill hugs Brooke.

Thorne tells Thomas that this will not work and that the two of them will be running FC by the end of the day. Rick says that he plans to stick by the original plan for FC but to change it up. The two of them believe they should change it all. Rick says he can prove it will work with HFTF. Thorne tells Rick that if it does not work that he is out and they are in.

Brooke knows she is stealing Bill from Katie. Bill believes that he was already thrown away. Brooke thinks she could have worked thins out for Katie and that Bill could have been with her and Will. Bill loves his son and will take care of him and so will Katie if she chooses to be. Bill says that she pushed them both to this point. Bill is done with feeling guilty and so is Brooke.

Caroline gets some coffee. Maya sees that Caroline is working a lot of hour. Caroline feels that she owes it to the company and to Rick. She knows she has done some bad things. She believes that Rick hates secrets and that she needs to get things together. Rick runs in and asks how things are going. Caroline explains that they will not fail and they always made a great team. Caroline admits that she did some stupid things and that she is sorry. Rick says it is kind of a problem for him to trust people. He does not have to worry about Maya.

Rafael sends a text to Caroline saying they need to speak.

Maya hopes that Carter does not plan to tell Caroline about what they did. Carter tells her that he would never do that to her. Maya thinks she needs to tell Rick.

Bill knows that Brooke knows how hard he worked to be with Katie. He believes the two of them deserve to be happy. Bill tells Brooke to stop thinking. Bill kisses Brooke passionately. Bill pushes her on the bed.

Caroline asks how the meeting went. Rick says that Thorne and Thomas are planning really hard to make sure this does not work. Caroline says that they have been for a while. Rick thanks her for everything. Caroline explains in a couple hours they will be celebrating together. Caroline wishes things would have been different.

Carter wants to know what changed. Maya needs to be truthful because Rick thinks she is. She has to tell him after the show. Maya hopes that he understands.

Bill kisses Brooke who is now under a sheet. Bill tells her that they tried very hard to fix his marriage but that Brooke needs to stop taking the blame. Bill tells Brooke that he has finally found a woman that appreciates him for what he is. Bill says that if Katie tries to keep him from his son she will have to deal with him. Bill will not have that happen. Bill has finally met his match. Brooke asks if he can handle her. Bill just wants to look at her beautiful eyes every day. Bill kisses Brooke again.

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