B&B Tuesday Update 8/20/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/20/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie wants to know if Brooke has anything to say for herself. Brooke knows that she cannot say anything without it being wrong. Katie cannot believe that she did not listen to Taylor. Brooke cannot believe that Katie will not take responsibility for her actions. Katie believes that Brooke did what she did on her own accord. Brooke will not to this anymore. She is sick and tired of Katie being the victim.

Liam is so happy that Hope is with him. Wyatt offers to cook bareque for dinner. Liam explains he can cook. Wyatt says he would love to cook dinner and will go and get some food. Wyatt explains that he got a credit card from Bill the moment he moved in. Liam is shocked because he never got one. Wyatt explains that he has not yet got his own beach mansion. Liam says under his breath that he wishes Bill would buy him a beach house. Wyatt asks if he needs to move his stuff to another room for Hope. Hope explains she will be staying with Liam.

Katie is so happy that Brooke is over the lie that Brooke is her sister. Brooke says she was on her side until she kept changing her mind and lying. She refuses to take it anymore and will not listen to this abuse anymore. She knows that it is abuse.

Wyatt decides to just order the food instead of actually looking it. Wyatt tells Liam that he is not sure of his place here. He has no idea what he is allowed to do and not allowed to do in this house. Liam explains he is his brother. Wyatt says he has always been his brother but a year ago that was not the case. Wyatt explains that even if it is there house it is Liam's things. Wyatt was not asked first about Hope moving in. Liam understands. Liam explains that anything that is his is Wyatt's as well except Hope.

Katie cannot believe that Brooke said that she is abusing Bill. Katie does not even know what that means. Brooke explains that Katie gives blame to everyone when it is convient but never accepts the truth. Brooke does not think that Katie really cares about Brooke at all. Brooke believes that Katie treats everyone like this because she is the youngest. Brooke does not think this is cute anymore. She needs to stop blaming people for things she can fix otherwise it is a waste of time. Katie wants her marraige back and wants to know what Brooke would do in this situation. Brooke cannot tell her what to do. Katie believes that Brooke has been saying this since she came in the door. Katie wants to know. Brooke believes she is the wrong person to ask. Katie believes that Brooke is a hypicrit when she says one thing but does another. Katie asks how many times Brooke has been in love or married as well as followed what she believed was her destiny. Katie believes that Brooke went after Bill because Brooke didn't have one thing that Katie had. Katie tells her the next time that Bill tells her he loves her that he loved Katie first. Katie believes that Brooke will be thinking this a lot. She tells Brooke do whatever it takes to get Bill but that Bill will never be completly hers.

Wyatt offers Hope and Liam some more to drink but they want to go to bed. Wyatt thinks this is a bit early to go to bed. The two allude that they will be doing something else. Wyatt understands and tells Hope to be welcome home.

Brooke sits down in her bedroom and looks in the mirror and sees Bill walking out of her bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. Brooke wants to know what he is doing. Bill explains that he is home and they are starting a life together.

Hope and Liam lay in bed together under a sheet naked and kiss passionatly. Liam asks if she has any second thoughts. Hope says she just thinks it is a little to good to be true. Hope knows that Liam is always trying to do the right thing and she knows him better now than when they were apart. Liam kissers her neck. Hope asks if Liam remember the night at the fireworks. Liam says he remembers everynight. Hope says they should look at that night as a time when they were not happy as something to show they can always betogether when they are sad. Liam says he loves Hope. Hope says the same and the two start to kiss very passionatly.

Wyatt looks at pictures of Hope and Liam. He smiles at the pictures of Hope.

Katie hears Will crying on the baby moniter and cries saying she misses Bill too and they will get him back.

Brooke tells Bill to go back to his wife because she believes Katie really learned her lesson this time. Bill has turned the page and is here with Brooke. Bill believes that he wants to be with Brooke and that Katie does not know what she wants. Bill refuses to do this again. Brooke does not know if she can do this. Bill believes that Brooke has been without love to long. Bill believes that they are meant for each other. He tells her to kiss him or tell him to leave and not mean it. Those are her choices. She cries but kisses Bill.

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