B&B Monday Update 8/19/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/19/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie knows she should not have shut out Bill and Brooke. She does not want to shut them out now. She believes she can get back what she had and wants to be given the chance.

Hope tells Liam that she went by to see Katie. She says that she was sad and that she was determined to get back with Bill. She really wants her to get through this and knows that Katie will not give up easily.

Quinn walks around her living room and looks at a pare of sun glasses that and then looks at a picture of her and Wyatt. Wyatt shows up with his bag and she is happy that he is back. She knew he would come back. She explains that she missed him so much. She wants to know about Bill being horrible. Wyatt explains that he is just getting some more stuff. Wyatt believes they are his family. Quinn explains she is his family. Wyatt knows that everything changed. She claims that she was protecting him. Wyatt believes that he diserved to get a choice in the matter.

Bill thinks that Katie threw him another curve ball. Katie believes they can move past this. Bill does not think that it can happen yet again. Katie wants to fight for her family. Brooke tells him to listen to his wife. Katie asks him to come home to her and Will. Bill says no.

Hope and Liam run into the house and Liam claims that Hope cheated. Hope decides to make some food. She notices that Liam has new foods. Liam explains that they are Wyatt's and he is moving in perminently. Liam explains that Wyatt wants to be pals. He thinks this is weird because he is nothing like Wyatt. Hope thinks they can still be friends. Liam thinks that Wyatt does not respect boundries like him kissing Hope under his roof. Hope believes that he said sorry. Liam does not know if Wyatt is actually sorry.

Quinn tells Wyatt she was wrong and hopes they are ok now. Wyatt knows she was not being honest with saying that. Wyatt explains he went to Spencer today and he could have been a vice president. Quinn thought he liked working with her. Wyatt says that he could have had more though if given the option. Wyatt is a Spencer by blood. He does not like that Liam does nothing at Spencer and he wants Hope and more than what Liam has to offer her. He plans to do something about this.

Katie cannot believe that Bill does not want to work on it. Bill has done nothing but work on it. He cannot take on it anymore. Brooke tells him to stop. Bill knows that this is the truth. He will not hold back his feelings. Brooke cannot believe that Katie would do this. Katie wants to know why they are here if they are not going to do anything. Katie cannot believe that she is the guilty party when they slept together. Bill is sorry but he is out.

Quinn wonders what Wyatt is planning. Wyatt does not think that he should give anything away. Wyatt wants his woman and his birth right. Quinn does not know why Hope had to do all this and that is her problem. Wyatt knows it is because Hope told him the truth and for no other reason. Wyatt tells him to either accept it or be left behind.

Hope decides she should go home. Liam wants her to spend the night. Liam knows how Hope feels about living together before marraige but he knows they have lost a lot of time. He wants to wake up with her every morning and wonders how she feels about moving in. Hope does not know about living with Wyatt and Bill as well. Hope thinks they all need time to get to know each other. Hope believes she has learned that time lost is gone forever and all your life is a regret but she is done with that. She wants to start her life and no better way than to be with him. Liam is so happy and picks her up and spins her around kissing her. They tell each other they love each other.

Brooke thinks that Bill needs to think about this. Bill cannot live with someone who spied on him and gives him orders. Bill wonders how Katie is shocked about this. Katie thinks this is because of Brooke. Bill explains if Brooke was gone tomorrow it would still be his choice. He is moving on. Katie cannot believe this. Bill tells Katie to take responsibility. Bill tells her they made love and they admited it was a mistake and swore it would never happen again but she was so fixated she didn't listen. Bill knows that Katie's fear became a reality. Katie knows her actions have had terrible consiquences but to trust her Bill has to and he will not like them.

Hope and Liam kiss passionatly on the couch and Wyatt walks in as they make plans for Hope to move in. Liam explains that Hope is moving in. Wyatt is happy about this. Hope and Liam continue to kiss. Wyatt watches angry.

Bill tells Brooke there is no dealing with Katie. He is through. Katie screams telling him to get out. Katie believes she is a fool to ever trust Brooke. Brooke has done this to every man she has been with. Katie knows that Brooke and Bill blame Katie for this completly. Katie knows that she did this to him. Katie says that Brooke stole her husband.

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