B&B Wednesday Update 8/14/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/14/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Donna thinks that Brooke looks great. Brooke tells Donna that she should have told her about what Katie was doing. Donna did not know what she was going to do. Brooke refuses to allow Katie to lose her husband over this. She will not allow it.

Katie looks at the camera and a picture of her and Bill on her phone. Katie leaves Bill a message begging him to come home.

Maya pours herself a cup of coffee and thinks about what happened last night with Carter. She then pours another cup for Carter. She wakes Carter up who is asleep on her couch. Carter thinks the day is getting better every second. Maya thanks Carter for last night. Maya wants an explanation from Maya.

Rick cannot believe that Maya did not respond to him last night.

Donna thinks that Bill has every right to be angry. Brooke refuses to allow the marriage to be over. Brooke calls Katie and tells Katie to come here right now because Bill is in Monte Carlo. Brooke explains she did not ask him to come. Katie cannot believe that Bill ran straight to Brooke. Katie asks if Bill said everything he said. Katie decides to grow up and gives Bill to Brooke. Katie hangs up.

Maya sees her phone which is right next to the door. Maya discovers a ton of messages from Rick. She needs to find him. Carter tells her that there is no hurry.

Rick looks at a picture of Maya.

Brooke thinks that Katie is making a mistake. Katie thinks Katie might be right and goes to open the door. Donna is not happy to see Bill. Bill knows Donna knew about the cameras. Bill demands to talk to Brooke alone. Donna leaves. Bill thinks that Brooke looks beautiful. Bill wants Brooke and they need to move on together.

Maya needs to get going. Carter tells Maya that she is the woman that every man wants to love. Carter tells Maya that he will not need alcohol to seduce Maya. Maya thanks Carter for last night. The two hug.

Katie looks at herself in the mirror and cries

Brooke tells Bill he spoke with Katie. Bill does not care what she told Katie. He loved her and wanted to make it work but it just didn't. Bill did everything that Katie asked. Bill is free of Katie. He will always love and care for his son but the woman in his life is Brooke. Brooke does not want Bill. Bill knows he loves her. Brooke admits to it but this can never work. Bill tells her it will work. Brooke runs away telling him no. Bill calls after her.

Maya shows up at Ricks. Rick explains that he is sorry and wanted to be here. He hopes that things did not go bad. Maya tells Rick he has nothing to be sorry about it is her who should be,

Carter draws a picture of a flower for Maya smiling.

Rick asks why Maya is sorry. Maya explains because she made such a big deal. Rick says that he has no right for not being there and wants to make it up to her. Maya says that he is here for her now and that is enough. The two kiss passionately. Maya smiles and the two continue to kiss.

Brooke runs out of the hotel and Bill runs after her. Bill cannot find her. Brooke runs in what appears to be a park.

Carter puts a rose in a wine bottle along with the picture. He has images of the night before.

Maya and Rick continue to kiss. Maya smiles and Rick starts to undress her. Maya takes Rick's shirt off. The two end up on the bed together kissing passionately. Maya rubs a sun flower around Rick's body.

Katie knows that Donna warned her. Donna asks how she is doing. Katie explains she does not know but she meant what she said that Brooke can have him.

Bill finally finds Brooke. Bill tells her that she cannot run and that he loves her. Bill kisses Brooke passionately and she kisses back.

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