B&B Tuesday Update 8/13/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/13/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie thinks about the camera and Liam walks into the house saying he thought Bill was here. Katie explains she does not know where he is.

Bill and Brooke continue to kiss with passion on the boat. Brooke stops and tells him no and says they can't.

Rick demands to know where Maya is.

Maya and Carter continue to kiss. Maya tells him to stop. Carter says he is not sorry Rick did not show up because he wants her for himself.

Rafael explains that Maya spent the whole party sad over Rick not being there. He tells Rick that he is doing no good just hanging around.

Maya says that they should go down stairs. Carter does not want to go down stairs. He gets some wine and tells Maya they should celebrate. Maya is not sure she wants to. Carter says they will toast to something that could be incredible for them,

Katie explains that she thinks that Bill is done with Katie. She explains she had to be sure she could trust Bill and Brooke. Katie explains she spied on them. Liam is shocked. Katie cannot believe her marriage is really over.

Brooke cannot do this. Bill throws his wedding ring into the ocean. Brooke asks what he is doing.

Caroline shows up and asks what is going on.

Carter is angry that Maya is talking about Rick. Maya explains that Caroline is still playing around with Rick. Maya wonders if Rick loves her as much as she thought.

Liam thinks that Bill probably just needs to calm down. Katie hopes he is. She is not sorry for what she did. She needed to be able trust him. She forgives him for a lot. Katie wants to believe that Bill can understand. Katie wants to believe that he can choose her again. Katie cannot believe that it is over. She starts to cry.

Brooke and Bill go back to the hotel room and Brooke wants an explanation. Bill tells her that Katie was watching them the whole time. Bill is extremely mad over this. Brooke feels bad for Katie. Bill believes that Katie always has something else. Bill refuses to do it anymore. Brooke believes it was about trust. Bill did what he had to do for his family but Katie did not. Bill cannot believe his word means nothing to her. Bill cannot have that with Katie anymore but he can with Brooke.

Caroline says she is sorry about Rick and Maya. Rafael is afraid that the two keep causing problems.

Rick knocks on Carter's door looking for Maya.

Maya wishes she would have listened to Dayzee. Maya did not come to LA for this. She wanted to be an actress. Maya assumed that Rick wanted to support her. Carter tells Maya that Rick does like her even if he wishes that not to be true.

Brooke knows that Bill will regret anything he says. Bill believes he will not. Bill wants to be with Brooke. Bill wants to win. Bill tries to kiss Brooke. Brooke tells him no and that he will loose his family and business. Brooke knows that Katie is right. Brooke will not let Bill do this to everyone. Bill will not go back. He is through with being judged and manipulated. Bill will not be judged by anyone. He tells Brooke that Katie and him are finished.

Rick calls Maya and tells her that he knows he blew it. He begs her to call him and let him explain. He says he loves her.

Maya pours herself another drink. Carter wants to get closer and believes they are in this together. He describes there futures. Carter wants Maya to be with him. Carter wants this to be a memorable night. He starts to kiss her passionately and she kisses back.

Katie looks at her wedding photo. She starts to cry again.

Brooke does not find what Katie did as a betrayal. Bill believes that what Katie did was a performances. Brooke will not betray her sister. She tells him to go back to his wife. Bill thought there was a chance for Katie and him. Brooke knows that Bill is angry and hurt. Bill wants Brooke and he knows she loves him. He tells her to tell him. He wants there life to start now.

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