B&B Monday Update 8/12/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/12/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke walks down the streets smiling and happy. She looks at store windows. Brooke is happy with where she is.

Bill is on his private plane and asks how long it will take. The pilot says he will be arriving to Monte Carlo on schedule. Bill has a flashback to when he caught Katie and her cameras.

Katie wipes her tears and looks at the camera. She starts to cry again.

Eric rushes to get to the theater but he is in traffic.

Maya and Carter have to start the screening and Carter explains he is sorry but it is her big night. Room 8 starts playing. Maya does not look happy.

Katie has flashbacks to Bill telling her off.

Bill thinks about Brooke and how he felt he married the wrong sister.

Brooke looks at the ocean and the boats and smiles.

Carter texts Maya that he is stuck in traffic and is sorry.

Maya tells Carter that Rick was with Caroline. The two of them get a round of applause. Maya is handed a microphone and tells them thank you for coming. Carter grabs the mic and tells them to come next door to have the after party. Maya runs off after getting in trouble for not being happy.

Brooke tells Donna that this place is amazing. Donna explains she just got invited to a yacht party. Donna explains that she was invited by a bunch of rich Italians. Brooke wants to explore the city. Donna hopes that it is ok because she does not want Brooke thinking about Bill. Brooke comes back out dressed and explains she looks is refreshed. Brooke explains that she wants Bill and Katie to work out there marriage. Donna wonders what about her feelings. Brooke explains she will never do that.

Pam runs into Rick and explains that Carter and Maya left. Rick decides to go after her.

Maya is going up stairs to take off her dress and forget this night.

Katie calls Donna and explains that Bill left her because he found out about the cameras.

Brooke walks around the city and looks at different sites. She has lunch and ice cream and is having the time of her life as she walks around the town. She looks at the ocean again.

Bill drives into the city looking for Brooke. Bill walks around the city walking around all the same places that Brooke had been earlier that day.

Brooke makes it to the boat and Bill continues to look.

Carter asks where Maya is. He is explained that she is up stairs and she needs to be involved in the show. Carter does not care about that he just cares about Maya. Rick finally shows up and asks if he knows where Maya is. He is lied to.

Maya tells Carter that she is upset that he would choose Caroline over her. Carter tells her that she did great tonight. Carter starts to flirt with Maya and kisses her.

Donna and Katie keep talking about where Bill could possibly be. Katie cannot find him.

Brooke looks off into the distance and Bill shows up. Brooke smiles and asks what he is doing here. Bill explains that Katie did something unforgivable and that all she needs to know is that he wants to be with her. Bill loves Brooke and wants to spend his life with her. Brooke does not know about this. Bill kisses Brooke passionately.

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