B&B Wednesday Update 8/7/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/7/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Donna cannot believe that Katie is going to be doing this again. Katie explains that she needs to make sure that they behaive themselves. Donna believes they have already seen it. Katie decides to add some wine to the mix.

Bill goes into the office and talks with Justin. Bill accidently turns on the camera but does not notice it. Liam walks in and tells Liam that he wants Wyatt out of the house. Bill tells him he wants him in the house.

Hope tells Wyatt that he can't kiss her again. Wyatt jokes around with Hope. Wyatt believes Hope should thank Wyatt for sending a message to Liam because other guys are out there other than him. Hope thinks he was a bit shaken. Hope tells Wyatt that he loves Liam and they are getting married.

Liam tells Bill that he was kissing Hope. Bill thinks that was nice. Liam cannot believe that Bill wants Liam to take him back. Bill explains that the house is Bill's not Liam's so he will share it with his brother and he is to busy right now.

Katie thinks that drinking changes Bill. Donna thinks that this is taking things a bit to far. Katie has Donna leave as Brooke comes over. Katie thanks Brooke for taking care of Will. She asks her to stay until she gets back. Brooke tells Katie thank you for trusting her.

Hope gives Wyatt some water. Hope wants to be serious. She cannot belive she is saying this but Bill was right they need to act as a family and everyone needs to establish some rules. Wyatt has no problems listening and not messing with Hope's life. Liam comes home. Liam decides they need to set some ground rules. Wyatt explains he is sorry. Liam does not want to trust him.

Brooke plays with Will. She tells him that they are all a family again.

Katie watches Brooke and then Bill shows back up. Bill tells her that she is taking to much time at the office and they should take a dinner. Katie does not want too. Bill says it will a buisness dinner. Katie does not want to go today. Katie says she has some things that she needs to take care of and she cannot put them off. Bill says he loves to spend time with his son he needs to spend time with his wife. Katie explains they are not together anymore. Katie continues to watch Brooke and Will after Bill leaves.

Wyatt says he is wrong. Hope tries to explain again that they kissed the first time before they even got engaged. Wyatt does not think he is some evil person. Hope thinks that it won't happen again. Hope demands they learn to get along.

Donna and Katie watch as Brooke opens the door.

Brooke is shocked to see Bill. Brooke tries to call Katie.

Donna asks if she is going to answer it. Katie says no.

Brooke explains that Katie wanted her to stay until she got home. Bill says he does not want to leave either.

Katie continues to watch.

Hope says the two are different but they have a lot in common. They both like different teams. Wyatt explains that they must have something in common. Wyatt tries to explain how much they are a like. Liam explains his mother is dead. Wyatt explains his mother lied to him. Liam tries to get him forgive her. Hope thinks that he is trying to be a brother. Wyatt says he is really sorry about what happened. Liam says he will eventually forgive him. Hope is happy.

Bill asks Brooke if the baby is asleep. Brooke says yes. Brooke thinks that that it is weird that Katie would ask them both to stay. Bill wonders if Katie does not care anymore. Bill thinks Katie is moving on with out them.

Donna explains that she has to stop this.

Brooke is certain that Katie is responding. Bill wonders what they have to do. Bill notices the wine and scotch.

Katie and Donna watch.

Bill puts the scotch down. Brooke tells him that if he wants some he can have it.

Katie knows something will happen.

Bill toasts to Brooke and thanks her for always being there for him. Bill holds the glass.

Katie thinks something will happen. They both sit there waiting for it to happen.

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