B&B Tuesday Update 8/6/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/6/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke still thinks about the baby they could have had.

Katie thinks that something is there. Donna wishes that they were not looking at this.

Wyatt sits at a coffee shop and thinks of when he kissed Hope and got punched in the face by Liam.

Hope explains that six months is a long time. Hope decides they will just stay on the couch and make out. Liam explains the only responsiblity is taking care of her. Hope cannot believe he punched his brother. Liam knows that she liked it. Hope wants to spend the rest of her life with Liam. The two kiss. Hope explains she should have options. Liam knows she is joking and starts to play with her. Hope laughs. Hope tells Liam to kiss her. Liam tells her to never even joke about kissing another guy. Liam thinks that the kissing is one thing but he feels that Wyatt does not know anything that they have been through. Liam wonders how Hope still wants him. Liam will never give her a reason not too.

Donna tells Katie to understand they are not over the loss of the baby. Katie believes that they are trying to do more. Brooke and Bill hug each other and Katie looks disapointed that they did not do more. Donna makes Katie admit that what ever they saw is over. Donna is on the phone with Pam and tells her she will be back soon. Donna asks what Bill and Brooke are doing now. Katie tells her that Bill is answering a text.

Brooke asks if something is wrong. Bill explains that Liam and Wyatt got into it together. Bill refuses to have them hate each other. Bill was taught the importance of family from Katie. Brooke knows that Katie will forgive them.

Donna knows that Bill would do anything to get back with her.

Brooke thinks that Bill should go to see them. Bill wants to wait. Bill wonders what they did though.

Hope and Liam joke about a vegas wedding. Hope also asks Liam to smooth things over with Wyatt.

Wyatt looks at his phone. He looks at a picture of Hope and smiles.

Hope looks at a magazine and tells Liam to call Wyatt. Liam explains he is looking at updates for a festival at Monte Carlo. Hope explains that Brooke is going too. Hope knows that she would not have let things go as far as they went if it was not an accident. Liam thinks that Will is involved and that he needs both his parents. Hope does not think Katie is going to go for that. Liam is not sure of that.

Bill tells Brooke that she should go. He thinks it will be good for buisness. Bill tells her to go make some buzz for the company.

Katie wonders if Bill wishes that he could be there with Brooke too.

Bill tells Brooke she needs this. Brooke leaves. Bill tells her to wait saying that there is something else.

Katie and Donna watch.

Liam makes a do not disturb sign. Liam hopes that Bill will get the hint. Hope wonders where Bill will go. Liam will get him a hotel room. Hope wonders if he plans to tell Bill about Wyatt. Liam does not care. Liam refuses to talk to Wyatt right now. Hope knows that he is jelous. Hope cannot believe that he is so jelous. Liam has to go to work. Hope says it is ok. Liam looks at Hope's ring and cannot believe that in only a few months the two of them will finally be married. Wyatt shows back up at the house. Liam does not look happy.

Brooke says she should leave. Bill thinks that she is worried that Katie will misinturprit it. Bill wishes that they would make some progress sooner.

Donna wonders if Katie is actually listening. Donna cannot understand why Katie cannot feel this.

Bill says that he knows that he can do better with Katie. Brooke agrees. Bill knows that Katie risked her life to give him a son. Bill does not want to loose the marraige. He knows that Katie cannot hear him though right now.

Donna wonders what else Bill has to say. Donna begs Katie to do this before it is to late.

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