B&B Monday Update 8/5/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/5/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope is shocked as Wyatt stands up and explains that he is going to give Liam a free pass for punching him in the face. Hope is shocked two guys are fighting over her. She is flattered.

Donna does not like the cameras. Katie explains that Donna owes her and can't tell Brooke or Bill. Donna thinks this is dangerous though. Katie explains she is not setting up anyone to fail. Bill comes in and Donna asks how it is going. Donna decides to leave. Bill explains that she looks nice. Bill says that the he needs to talk to her about something important. Katie explains she already knows about his new son.

Brooke looks at pictures of Bill and Katie on the fireplace and has a flashback to her and Bill having romantic times together.

Katie asks about Wyatt. Bill says that his name is Wyatt and is a bit older than Liam. He met the woman while he was in New York. Bill tells Katie about the abortion. Katie asks how he found out. Bill says that it was because of Hope. Katie thinks that Hope should open a business for people to find their children. Bill says that they are all getting along very well and things are going good.

Hope explains she likes this. Liam cannot believe this. Hope says that she likes having Liam fighting for her for once. Wyatt says that Hope saw him naked. Hope explains what happened exactly. Hope tells him to lighten up. Liam thinks that Hope is out of her mind. Hope is liking jealous Liam.

Katie asks if Bill can take care of Will again. Bill loves the idea of taking care of Will again. Bill wants to know what else Katie plans to do. Katie says nothing. Bill cannot believe that Katie took down his pictures. Katie thinks his pictures are egotistical. Bill wants the two of them to work this out. Bill explains that he and Brooke talked last night about Katie and they both believe that it means a lot to be given a second chance. Bill misses his old life. Bill leaves.

Liam cannot believe that Hope finds it funny. Hope say that Wyatt has not kissed her since Liam gave Hope the ring. Wyatt likes Hope but does not care about Liam. Wyatt thinks that Liam only likes Hope because Steffy is not around. Hope agrees. Wyatt explains that he is going to try to take Hope.

Brooke tells Will she is so happy to see him. She plays with Will when Bill comes into the room. Bill thinks it is a beautiful sight to see.

Katie gets on the camera and does not seem happy. Donna comes back into the office and asks how it all went. Katie says it went well. Katie asks if Donna wants to see Brooke and Bill at the house. Donna does not but decides to anyway.

Brooke asks how Katie was with Bill. Bill explains he will do whatever he takes to get her back.

Katie is not sure if she should trust Brooke. She needs to be convinced.

Wyatt explains that he has read up all about Liam and Steffy. Liam wants Wyatt out. Hope does not think that Wyatt can kick him out of the house. Wyatt agrees because Bill owns the house. Liam will not live with a guy he cannot trust. Liam holds open the door. Hope says sorry and Wyatt explains he will see Hope soon. Wyatt leaves. Hope asks if Liam feels better now that he has kicked out his brother. Liam says yes. Hope liked the attention and she cannot believe that he is going to allow Steffy to make them wait any longer. Liam says that the wedding will happen and they will get the life they always wanted. Hope does not want to lose him either. Liam thinks they should use this time to plan the perfect wedding. Hope decides she can wait then. Liam and Hope say they love each other and kiss.

Bill decides to take Will to get some more toys. Brooke says she met the mother and knows that she does not like Bill. Bill explains that he does not blame her. Brooke explains that she was thinking about the baby she almost had with him. Brooke did like the idea of having another baby but not the idea of it destroying Bill and Katie's marriage.

Katie zooms in on Brooke and Bill and Donna begs them not to kiss.

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