B&B Wednesday Update 7/31/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/31/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope does not want to kiss Wyatt and tells him to stop trying to do that.

Bill tells Brooke that Will is sleeping. Bill asks if Katie was home when she got there. Brooke explains she had to go back to work. Brooke hopes this means that Katie can trust us.

Katie watches Brooke and Bill from her cameras.

Bill thinks it is weird to be here but not live there. Bill will not let Will be raised without him. Brooke knows that Katie wants to him be around Will. Bill wants his family back.

Katie keeps watching and Donna shows up. Donna hears the noises of Brooke and Bill and sees that Katie is spying on them.

Liam lights candles all over the room and waits for Hope.

Hope tells Wyatt he can't kiss her. Wyatt tells her that he got to meet his brother and father because of her. Hope reminds him that his brother is Liam her fiancÚ. Wyatt forgot he was there all of a sudden. Hope tells Wyatt that she needs to get to bed. Wyatt says he will be in the guest room. Hope tells him that is good to know. The two say good night to each other and Hope leaves. She walks into the bedroom and says sorry she took so long. Liam asks if he is ok. Hope says yes and that he is just happy he found his dad. Liam wants to talk about how grateful he is that they get to be all alone. He kisses Hope all over and Hope tells him to stop talking. Liam takes off Hope's robe and they continue to kiss passionately.

Wyatt notices pictures all over the room and sees one of Hope and Liam.

Donna thinks Katie is a snoop. Katie wants truth and honesty. Donna thinks this is a set up and she is sneaky. Katie tells her that she does not have to watch. Donna thinks that if she is here she might as well but does not condone it.

Bill comes back into the living room with Will who has a wet diaper. Brooke asks if Bill really wants to do this. Bill says he can change a diaper. Brooke tries to help him out. Brooke wishes that Katie was hear to see him change the diaper.

Katie explains she never doubted the love Bill had for Will. Donna tries to turn it off but Katie explains that this is the only way to see how Brooke and Bill act when no one else is watching. Donna understand that she has the right now to trust them but spying is not the way to do it. Katie cannot hear.

Bill wants to talk about business. Brooke put Brooke's bedroom on the back burner. Bill explains they need to put it up front because it is good for business. Brooke will think about it.

Donna decides she will go home and watch Big Brother because those people know they are being watched. Donna thinks that what ever happened is over. Katie needs to know if she can trust them again.

Liam and Hope kiss passionately on the bed.

Wyatt reads old articles about how Liam kept leaving Hope for Steffy on the internet.

Liam and Hope keep kissing.

Wyatt looks angry when he sees a pool that shows Steffy with two marriages to Liam and Hope with zero.

Liam and Hope continue to make love.

Brooke thinks that Katie is forgiving them and giving them hope for a future all together. Brooke admits that she messed up horribly. Bill appreciates this. Bill wants to earn back Katie's trust. Brooke wants that. Brooke said sorry to Katie and hopes that she believed her. Brooke hopes that Katie can do it. Bill knows that they did was wrong and now they are paying the price. Brooke wants to be trusted again because she loves her very much.

Katie keeps watching and listens to Bill and Brooke say that she is going to trust them.

Liam does not want Hope to leave. Hope explains that she has to go. Hope and Liam joke about reasons to why she should stay but Hope says she is leaving. Hope tells them they are getting married and they will be able to be together for every sunrise for the rest of there lives. Hope wants Liam and Wyatt to bond tomorrow. Liam says they will see. Hope has to meet with the wedding planner in the morning. Hope leaves.

Hope is freaked out when she sees Wyatt again. Hope finds her keys. Wyatt thinks it is late for her to be going home. Wyatt does not think she would leave if he was hers. Liam notices Wyatt tell Hope this and looks worried.

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