B&B Tuesday Update 7/30/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/30/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam comes back in from putting steaks on the grill. Liam asks if Wyatt will have some wine. Wyatt would prefer scotch. The three make a toast to Wyatt. Wyatt thanks him.

Brooke comes to see Katie. Brooke explains the door was open and asks if Katie is ok. She says yes. Brooke thanks her for inviting her over. Katie is not amused that Bill has Wyatt now. Katie knows that Brooke is talking to Bill. Brooke explains she is trying to build a bridge between them. The baby nurse comes to take Will. Brooke asks to be given a chance so they can heal from this.

Bill asks about the jewelry business. Wyatt says that it is well and he is helping out a lot. Wyatt wants to take the company international. Liam goes to check on the steaks and the door bell rings. Wyatt opens it and it is Hope. Hope goes to kiss Liam and Bill is not happy about it. Wyatt notices this.

Katie thinks it is hard to make amends when Brooke keeps praising Bill. Brooke knows she was wrong and that Donna mentioned that she forgot to say sorry. Katie is not interested. Brooke says she wronged her in the worst way possible. She is deeply sorry and asks if anything can be done. Katie needs someone to look after Will for the night. Brooke agrees to help out and thanks her. Katie cries.

Wyatt says the steak is perfect. Bill explains he knows how to cook them. Liam is eating a veggie burger. Hope asks what Wyatt's work day is like. Liam thinks it is crazy to not have a staff. Hope wonders what he does after work. Wyatt explains he likes to camp. Bill is grateful to have both his sons at dinner. Wyatt explains that he used to think about having his dad but never thought it would happen but thanks to Hope it has. Wyatt cannot believe this. Wyatt loves saying his father. Hope smiles and looks at Liam who does not look very grateful for this. Hope makes a toast to family and Wyatt adds in that this is all because of Hope. Wyatt cannot believe Quinn kept this from him. Bill tries to explain why it did not work out for them. Bill asks when Wyatt was given his necklace. Wyatt explains that he didn't and it is because of Hope that it has happened. Bill gets a phone call from Katie asking to go watch Will. Katie sets up a camera from a book that she placed on her fire place.

Brooke is happy to be able to be with Will.

Katie logs into the video camera.

Liam and Hope decide to go to bed. Wyatt thanks both of them. Wyatt tells Hope that he owes her and watches as the two of them go off to the bedroom.

Liam and Hope kiss passionately in his bedroom. Hope asks if Liam is ok. Liam explains it is a lot to take in. Hope thinks it is pretty cool. Liam thinks they are very different. Hope asks what is the matter. Liam thinks that there is something about him. Hope thinks he is like Bill. Liam decides to go take a shower. Hope looks at the bedroom door.

Wyatt looks at the bedroom door and has flashbacks to the 4th of July with Hope.

Bill hugs and kisses Wyatt. Brooke is happy that she is finally starting to trust them. Bill hopes so. The camera video tapes everything.

Katie watches from different angles.

Hope walks out of the room to find her phone. Wyatt asks if Hope can stay. She explains she cannot. Wyatt thinks that Liam is different. Hope thinks he is. Wyatt heavily flirts with Hope. Wyatt is telling Hope how he feels he explains. Hope tells him goodnight. Wyatt thanks her again and he is grateful. He explains that Hope makes him feel peaceful. Hope tells him to stick with peace. Wyatt thanks her for caring and changing his life for ever. Wyatt tries to kiss Hope but she stops him.

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